Do you watch "Golden Girls?" It was a fantastic show that deal with a lot of social issues of the day, and it was so topical that most of it is relevant even now. The show went through many good jokes, and one of them applies here. North Carolina has not been given any major sanctions because of their fake degree program, and that is because other students who were not athletes benefited from the program. That is a bit like Dorothy telling Rose on the show that every day at a certain time she cries. The NCAA said, "every time a team that makes money does something bad, we cannot do anything about it."

The pathetic reasoning

The NCAA should have come out and said that they cannot afford for the unc basketball team to be sanctioned because they would lose money.

They need to stop insulting our intelligence, and they need to be honest about how they come to the conclusions that they come to. Who in the world actually thinks that this was OK? This is a bit like saying that a murderer should not be convicted even though we have a tape of him actually doing it because he gave a homeless man twenty dollars right before the murder.

UNC's power and control

UNC is so powerful that they could easily get out of anything that they have done because they are more important than SMU or Baylor. SMU and Baylor were wrong, but UNC was just as wrong. However, people actually care about UNC, and that is why the NCAA wanted to make sure that they helped them out as much as possible.

Would it not be nice for you to be able to do anything you want just because you are special? I think that UNC should be ashamed, and I hope that their accrediting body takes a really hard look at this and forces some administrators out of the school because they clearly do not deserve to be there.

The tournament will be interesting

I wonder if other teams are going to be upset with UNC because of all the preferential treatment that they get. These teams might give UNC a much better shot, and the team might start losing because they are getting an even better game than they would have otherwise. There are many people who are going to stay upset at this team because they are going to want to make sure that they ruin their season.

There are plenty of other schools who have done far less and treated so much worse. UNC should be thanking their lucky stars for this, and they need to be sure that they actually atone for it. Roy Williams alone should be thankful that he is not yanked out of the Hall of Fame for this.