Saquon Barkley is the best player in America, but Indiana has proved to be a pesky opponent for many of their foes in the Big Ten. This team could give Penn State some problems, and Penn State needs to be careful because, as you look around the college football landscape, you find that they are the highest ranked team in the conference. Getting past Indiana could be tricky, but it could be just another time for Barkley to shine.

Saquon Barkley for Heisman

Barkley is the betting favorite in Las Vegas to win the Heisman, and he is by far and away the best looking player in football.

This guy has a lot of power, and he is able to get around the defenders who are going for his legs. This kind of speed and power is generational, and he can lead this offense by simply breaking off runs when they are needed. We rarely see that anymore, but Barkley could be the perfect person for a team in the NFL that wants to run the ball more. He clearly has the talent, and he could go into the NFL draft with the Heisman in his pocket.

James Franklin for coach of the year

The coach of the year has to be James Franklin because he has followed up last year's conference title with this amazing season that could put his team in the College Football Playoff. He is a very good coach who has proven that he knows how to recruit, and he gets a lot of credit for finding Saquon Barkley in the first place.

He came to Penn State hoping to make the team relevant, and he seems to have done the job right as this club could easily win the Big Ten. Beating Indiana is going to be easy enough for this team, but they have higher aspirations.

How can Indiana win?

Indiana has to find a way to force Penn State to throw the ball more, and there are many people who think that Penn State could avoid passing altogether.

This team could run something that looks like the triple option where they are not passing, and they could force the Hoosiers to respect the run. While the Hoosiers are trying to stop Barkley, a few passes down the field will end the game. You should have a look at how well the Hoosiers defense does their job because they have played well this year, and we might see a blueprint for how to beat this Nittany Lions team.

Penn State has momentum

Penn State has a lot of momentum, and they are taking that momentum from last season and applying it to this season. There are a number of teams that cannot generate this much offense, and the momentum of this successful team could carry them to a national title.