Joel Berry is the best player at UNC, and he just punched a door after he lost a video game. I repeat. The best player on the reigning national champion team punched a door and injured his hand because he lost a video game. I want us all to imagine why this is a significant problem, and we need to ask ourselves again how Roy Williams is allowed to be in charge of anything at all. It shocks me that he can play this off like it means nothing when he is so serious about training up young men. It is hilarious how hypocritical Williams is, and he needs to know that he is doing this child a disservice.

This child needs help

Joel Berry needs some kind of professional help because you have to think what he is doing here. He is the best player on the reigning national championship basketball team in the land. He was by far the best player in the tournament, and everyone was so impressed with him that they forgot that UNC is a completely crooked university that totally got away with cheating the NCAA system to get athletes eligible. Then, this guy who is so good, loses a video game and punches a door. He hurts himself, and the head coach actors like it is no big deal. I really wish I could have a life like that. I wish that I could do anything that I wanted and have literally no repercussions at all.

What an enabled little boy this guy is. Please tell me that Roy Williams is actually going to do something to this guy. Please tell me that UNC is going to take this seriously. You play Video Games on your own time, but this is stupidity at its highest level.

Roy Williams is not a leader

Roy Williams might be good at basketball, but he is not a leader.

He is not really someone that you could trust your child with if you send them to play for him. Look at what kind of trouble follows this guy. Look at how bad UNC looks right now, and pretend that you could send your kid there with a clear mind. I would think that they might be ready for the draft, but I would wonder what is going on behind closed doors.

Roy Williams is a clear pushover, and I bet that his players know that. That is why he cannot win with inferior talent. Other people have done it because they actually disciplined their players. Williams cannot win unless his talent is the best because he has literally no control of his roster.

UNC does it again

UNC keeps getting into the headlines for the wrong things, and I have to wonder at what point the school is going to clamp down on athletics. You cannot look worse as a university.