Pauley Perrette, star of CBS's “NCIS,” confirms that she is leaving the crime drama after this season. She has been on the show since it started 16 years ago. It is now in its 15th season, and the forensic scientist plays Abby Sciuto who works at the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) headquarters at the Washington Navy Yard. Abby is smart and does her job very well. She is an expert in what she does to help solve crimes for the department.

Perrette says this will be her last season. She tweeted about her departure and stated that the rumors aren't true at all about her being fired and that she is leaving to start a skin care business.

She specifically said nobody on the show is mad at her and that she is leaving on her own terms. She added that she made the decision last year to leave when this season is over.

Interesting things about the star

Perrette is a natural blonde, but most people see her wearing dark hair that is dyed black to fit her character on the show because that's what the producers want. She wears gothic clothes and most of them are black as part of Abby's persona. Her jewelry includes anklets, toe rings and a neck choker which is her favorite piece of jewelry.

To fit her character, she has at least nine tattoos over visible parts of her body. There are some on her arms, back, neck, and ankle. Some of them are real and belong to Perrette, but there are some that are makeup that belongs only to Abby's character.

She has turned her bare back to the camera on some occasions where viewers saw a large cross. That was the producer's makeup choice. The spider web on her neck is there because producer Don Bellisario wanted one tattoo to be seen on Abby at all times.

Not only does Abby wear jet black hair, has tattoos and wears gothic clothes and jewelry, she also has an interest in death and the supernatural.

During an earlier episode of "NCIS," she slept in a coffin.

Abby's replacement

Viewers will miss Abby, but they wish Perrette well. She is well-known and has been one of the most popular actresses on primetime television for the last six years. The 48-year star did not reveal what her plans are after leaving "NCIS." She is a civil rights advocate, and she might devote more time to that endeavor.

Another person might replace Abby on her job as a forensic scientist, but no one will be able to replace her personality and her wits. Therefore, Perrette's fans say they are going to enjoy her even more since they know this is her last season on "NCIS."