Netflix has put a lot of stock into creating new, original shows for their online streaming service. Whether it be anime, drama, reality television, or original movies, they have a little bit of everything, but there is nothing quite like “Big Mouth.”

Big Mouth” is an animated sitcom produced by Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg featured exclusively on Netflix. The duo play themselves as seventh graders growing up in Westchester, New York and dealing with all the hormonal problems that come with puberty.

The Hormone Monster

One of the main characters in “Big Mouth” is a personification of male hormones; they call him the Hormone Monster, and yes, he is a monster.

He visits Andrew Goldberg randomly through all hours of the day, bringing him the wonderful gift of raging hormones while he tries to be a normal seventh grade kid.

Using the Hormone Monster as a literary tool, the show explores the ups and downs of becoming an adult, both physically and mentally. Teenage hormones are an awkward subject because sexualizing children under the age of eighteen is unethical and a crime, but “Big Mouth” approaches the subject quite gracefully.

Just like real life, puberty in “Big Mouth” is scary and gross, with most of the main characters confused about the changes occurring in their bodies. Even the girls in the show fall prey to the Hormone Monstress, who brings puberty to the fairer sex.

Depiction of puberty in 'Big Mouth'

This is by no means a television show for children, and I want to make that clear before any parent decides to show their child “Big Mouth” instead of giving them the talk. It is a great depiction of puberty for adults who remember how awful it was being thirteen and sexually insatiable, but it is not for kids going through those changes now.

Big Mouth” harkens back to a time when life was simple but seemed very complicated. It speaks to those who have experienced puberty and become adults. The child characters have an adult-like clarity while dealing with puberty, which lends itself to a more adult understanding of each scene.

For those who have long since finished struggling through puberty, “Big Mouth” could be a very comforting and humorous experience for men and women alike.

The show’s creators do a great job of capturing that tumultuous time in everyone’s lives. Listening to teenagers whine about their problems has never been so entertaining.

Big Mouth” season one is currently streaming on Netflix.