The first look ofNCISseason 15 has been released recently featuring Mark Harmon’s Leroy Jethro Gibbs being held captive with Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee by the rebels in Paraguay. Fans started to wonder whether or not Harmon can make it alive especially that there have been speculations that he might leave the show. Theories have it that his character might get a promotion and will be assigned to a different department. This means that he will have to leave the Naval Criminal Investigation Service team. Fortunately, it looks like he’s not going anywhere especially that there will be more actions that the show has in store for everyone.

More explosives coming soon

ET Canada recently sat down with actor Wilmer Valderrama, who is coming to “NCIS” Season 15 as Nick Torres and said that everyone should prepare for some significant changes in the show soon. When asked what to expect from the show once it premieres in the fall, Valderrama said that there’s a lot to look forward to. He said that they continue to infuse more actions and adventures in the show and fans shouldn’t miss these explosives. “What’s also really great is that the team has found a different dynamic, there’s a different energy, same magic, but the team is excited,” he said. “I think the writers are swinging as hard as they’ve ever been, and we’re happy.”

Another character is joining the team

It has been confirmed that actress Maria Bello is coming to “NCIS” Season 15 and Valderrama can’t help but get excited with the addition of Bello despite Jennifer Esposito’s recent departure from the show.

However, Bello won’t show up right away once the next installment premieres but the series will have to deal with Gibbs and McGee’s incarceration at the hands of the rebels first. When the show premieres, the two agents are already imprisoned for two months. Fortunately, we’re pretty sure that they will survive this ordeal and their recovery will certainly be showcased.

Things will go crazy again

Apparently, this will be the time that Gibbs and McGee will have to deal with yet another crazy case in “NCIS” Season 15 where Bello’s character will be introduced. Hopefully, we will get to see Michael Weatherly’s Anthony DiNozzo and Cote de Pablo’s Ziva David again in the upcoming installment. Fans can recall when Weatherly told Digital Spy that he could see his character suddenly popping out in the show. That being said, fans hope that he will be reunited with de Pablo and continue their characters’ love story in the show.

“NCIS” Season 15 returns on September 26 on CBS