No one has to second-guess where yesterday’s “Crime Stories with Nancy Grace” podcast expert-guests stand. They’re team Sherin Mathews all the way. The 22-pound, three-year-old little girl missing from Richardson, TX, won the heart of Grace and her guests.

All the way from India to Richardson, Sherin has taught a lot of people across the U.S.A. a very big lesson about what it means to love. In her years of what ideally would have glistened with her innocence, two people failed her miserably. Her parents promised to love her and treat her right when they adopted her, but somehow, they lost her along the way on October 7.

Wesley and Sini Mathews are, currently, missing in action, totally MIA, at a time when their toddler daughter needs them the most.

First, Sherin's parents lost her and, then, they abandoned her, the very thing that had already happened to her when she arrived at an orphanage in India. The two people who called themselves her parents have yet to ask the public for help in finding their little girl. Love is not being a no-show when your child needs you the most.

Love is what neighbors and strangers have done for Sherin Mathews

Love is what neighbors and strangers standing shoulder-to-shoulder have done for Sherin. It has reflected all the time and effort that law enforcement has dedicated to finding Sherin, and it is represented in the words and work of crime experts.

Love means speaking out for a little girl so that her voice is not lost as her parents remain self-consumed with protecting themselves from the law.

Nancy Grace and experts not sold on story father told police

No sense in tap-dancing around the topic: Mathews’ take on how his daughter disappeared doesn’t come across as credible, not to thousands of people and definitely not to Nancy Grace.

Parents do not discipline a toddler the way he claims over a glass of milk. He stated that he forced his toddler daughter to stay near a tree 100 feet behind the family’s backyard at 3 AM. He also told police that he saw coyotes in the area. He couldn’t find his daughter, so he did laundry instead of calling 911 five hours after he noticed Sherin missing.

Let’s consider this: The account that Mathews’ cited to police seems wrong, terrible, and disturbing on so many levels. But, that’s the truth, Mathews’ claims. As far-fetched, as unbelievable, and as terrible as his version seems, how will it feel when the facts are discovered and disclosed? His account must be better than the truth or he would have told the truth. No matter what took place, the reality is: It wasn’t good.

Forensic expert ‘not buying’ dad’s account of daughter’s disappearance

Grace and her guests don’t believe Mathews’ version of events. Forensic expert Joseph Scott Morgan stated that he doesn’t believe anything from a man who said he put a three-year-old outside at 3 AM as punishment.

Morgan said, “I’m not buying that.”

Grace discussed the mother Sini Mathews’ behavior subsequent to when Sherin disappeared. She asked, “How did she sleep through the whole thing?” Grace also raised the issue of the mother’s dichotomy with Psychologist Dr. Tiffany Sanders. They explained that Mathews claims to want her daughter returned, yet she isn’t cooperating with law enforcement.

Sherin’s mother is acting in ways that are contrary to a caring, nurturing mother, they said. Yet, Sini Mathews wants her daughter back?

Just as Grace posed this question to one of her guests yesterday, it is far more appropriate to ask Wesley Mathews of his toddler daughter: “Why do you keep pretending that she was left outside?” Anyone with information that can help law enforcement authorities locate three-year-old Sherin Mathews is asked to contact police at (972) 744-4800.