Following the October 7 disappearance of three-year-old Sherin Mathews, of Richardson, TX, one question is constant in law enforcement’s ongoing investigation: Where is the little girl? People in the United States and in India want to know what happened to her on the morning the toddler’s 37-year-old father claims he left his little 22-pound daughter standing by a tree at 3 AM after she refused to drink her milk.

Sanjay Varghese, who lives in Lewisville, TX, expressed his hope that the toddler’s parents “tell the truth because they know what happened,” CW33 TV reported.

Like many Texas residents and people following the news about the toddler’s disappearance, Varghese does not have a personal connection with the family or the case. He has encapsulated the opinions, however, that many people share – reflected in comments left within Facebook groups such as “Finding Sherin Mathews.” People want to know what happened to the little girl left alone in the dark expected to fend for herself.

At this time, the answer to the question appears to be one that only the little girl’s mother, Sini Mathews, or father, Wesley, seem to be able to address. The drawback, in this case, is that the little girl’s parents have not spoken to anyone other than authorities and, presumably, their attorneys.

Richardson Police Department is also keeping the case and any information close to its proverbial chest.

Silence leave case open to speculation while toddler’s parents ‘lucky they're in America’

The effect of silence from central figures in the case is that the absence of information, updates, or recaps is that the incident is vulnerable to speculation and rumors.

Richardson Police Department’s public information officer extended assurance, in a multitude of news reports, that the department is confident that there will be a resolution. No idea of how, when, or where has been shared.

Varghese stated, as have many using social media and comments sections of news organizations.

If Sherin had disappeared in any other country, he pointedly stated to CW33, “those parents would have told the truth by now.” He further stated, “They are lucky they're in America where the law takes its course."

Effect of case on caring people, worried about missing toddler

People have experienced restless to sleepless nights, worrying about Sherin and searching for answers about where she is and what really happened the morning she vanished. Varghese counts himself among those who haven’t sleep well since October 7. He has a four-year-old son – which is the same age as Sherin’s older sister, who was removed from the Mathews’ home after little sister disappeared. Varghese told CW33, “This is so disturbing and troubling.”

Every party directly relevant to the case has a voice.

A caring public has adopted that role for Sherin Mathews, embracing every opportunity to help but without having a sense of direction extended by law enforcement.

Omair Siddiqi, of Richardson, TX, lives near the area where the toddler’s father claims he left his daughter. Siddiqi has stepped in and filled the role of a leader, guiding people through ways to assist, not hinder, law enforcement in the quest to find the missing little girl. Siddiqi has also challenged people not to facilitate rumors or speculation, both of which are ripe and plentiful in this case.

Unlike the little girl’s parents, Siddiqi has served as a voice for Sherin. He has brought people together for a shared goal: Find Sherin Mathews.

This case will not fade or go away quietly. The little girl’s disappearance has touched far too many people where it counts and hurts the most. The thought of a special needs three-year-old being left outside as a form of punishment over a glass of milk touched people’s hearts. Many look into the eyes of their own toddlers and cannot understand why or how this ever happened.

People raise their voices, chanting ‘We want answers, we want justice’

On October 13, people near and far from Richardson gathered at a tribute honoring the little girl – most people did not know or had not met. Why? As Siddiqi explained that night: “She is our princess, after all.” Sherin was brought to America following adoption from India.

Sherin has a home, she has a place in America’s heart.

Every day the little girl has been missing, the refrain remains: where is she? People gathered on Friday 100 feet from the Mathews’ family home, near the tree where the toddler’s father claims she disappeared. They chanted, “We want answers, we want justice.”

Event attendees at the “Shoulder-to-Shoulder for Sherin” vigil raised their voices in unison to speak for the little girl who, otherwise, has no voice – not through her parents and not through their criminal defense attorneys. Someone knows something. Sherin Matthews didn’t simply disappear. Someone knows what happened to her and where she can be found.

Anyone with information that can help law enforcement authorities locate three-year-old Sherin Mathews is asked to contact police at (972) 744-4800.