Over 200 people gathered on Friday evening for an interfaith prayer vigil near the tree where three-year-old Sherin Mathews, of Richardson, TX, was reportedly last seen by her father, Wesley Mathews, on Saturday, October 7. The “Shoulder2Shoulder for Sherin” vigil was a tribute to honor her, according to event organizers Omair Siddiqi and Sara Movahedi.

The vigil was attended by people who live in the upscale Richardson neighborhood where the Mathews family lives. Standing alongside area residents were members of the Southern Dawgs motorcycle club, parents, and children.

Police were also present at the vigil.

Toddler’s disappearance moves people to wear pink in solidarity

Child welfare consultant, and an aunt to a four-year-old, Gauthami Vemula, told NBC 5 (Dallas-Fort Worth) that the disappearance of Sherin is heartbreaking. “This is a three-year-old little girl.” Vemula is ever-mindful that no one knows “where she is” or, she said, “where she could be.”

Attendees wore pink in support of Sherin. Event organizers Siddiqi and Movahedi admittedly selected the color pink not knowing which color, if any, might be the little girl’s favorite.

When asked about the color selection, Siddiqi explained, “We just chose pink to stand behind Sherin and in solidarity. She is our princess, after all.” The last time anyone saw the toddler, she was also coincidentally, wearing a pink top.

Resident sees ‘sadness’ in tree where little girl last seen at 3 AM

Richardson resident Kelly Gutierrez told WFAA, “Right now, I see sadness in that tree,” which is where Sherin’s father claims he left his toddler daughter at 3 AM after she refused to drink milk. A makeshift tribute area now stands at the foot of the tree. Seema Somani left an empty milk container earlier that reads, “No child gets punished over the cup of milk.” Along with the container placed by the tree, people have left flowers, candles, a framed copy of the Amber Alert that was issued, stuffed animals, and handwritten notes.

Movahedi, of Tampa, FL, relayed her hope in a Facebook post on the event’s page, suggesting that attendees “take just a moment to look around you this evening.” She further suggested that everyone recognize the empowerment people can experience when gathering for a common cause.

Neighbors and strangers stand shoulder-to-shoulder for little girl

The distance from the tree to the Mathews’ house served as a stark reminder that the toddler’s parents have not been seen in public, have yet to ask the public for help, and have shielded themselves behind criminal defense attorneys while asserting their right to legal counsel. They are well within their right to remain silent while their toddler daughter remains missing and neighbors and strangers alike stand shoulder-to-shoulder honoring the little girl who vanished while under her parents’ care.

An estimated 200 people, many who did not know the toddler personally, expressed in unison, “We want answers, we want justice.” Vemula stated to WFAA, “You can’t help but feel sympathy for this child.

She’s a little girl.”

The little 22-pound, 3-foot tall girl is Sherin Mathews who is missing. Richardson Police Department posted a statement on its Facebook page, as well, on Friday. The officers extended their gratitude to people who have given both tips and surveillance videos. The department assured that law enforcement is diligently working “through all of the material.”

Police still asking residents, businesses for footage of family’s SUV

Richardson police are still asking that residents and businesses within 30 minutes of the Mathews’ family home, located in the 900 block of Sunningdale, to review video surveillance footage before “a system overwrite may take place.” Law enforcement is specifically interested in receiving footage that shows the Mathews’ 2013 maroon Acura MDX SUV on October 7 for the hour of 4 AM to 5 AM.

The license plate number is BSV3263.

Please remember, as police pointed out on Facebook previously, the timestamp could be “different from the actual time.” If you have footage of the vehicle, preserve it and give it to police. Anyone with information that can help locate three-year-old Sherin Mathews is also asked to contact police at (972) 744-4800.