The "Empress of Tomorrow" is going to make her main roster debut at TLC (Table, Ladder, and Chairs) this Sunday on the WWE Network. If you are familiar with NXT then you know how imposing Asuka is and the potential she can bring to the main roster. She never lost a match her entire time with NXT and relinquished the "NXT Women's Championship" on her final taping. Although I did like her last few matches with Ember Moon, I think she should've been on the main roster already. I do have mixed feelings about how they are going to book her on main though.

Beyond TLC

Asuka is going to have a match against Emma at "TLC" but there's no way that isn't a squash match! It'll last about three minutes if that! I'm not concerned with how things are going to go at the PPV, my concern is what happens the next night on "RAW". Alexa Bliss is the current "RAW Women's Champion" and she is taking on Mickie James at "TLC". Bliss is favored to win and I'm just going to assume she is. There's a part of me that's cool with throwing Asuka in the title picture right off the bat but there's also a part of me that doesn't want that. WWE creative never put Alexa in a one-on-one match with Nia Jax for the belt because it wouldn't have made sense for Jax to run through the entire roster and lose to Bliss considering the size/power difference.

Unless they're planning on putting the belt on Asuka immediately then the same thing will apply. You can't have her go undefeated in NXT and lose a random match on a Monday night or have her go one-on-one and lose. If they put her in a traditional match with Bliss at "Survivor Series" then Bliss is losing that match. I just have a feeling that they are going to make her the female version of Braun Strowman and that could be cool, but I don't want her to just bury people for the sake of doing it.

What I want to happen

I think she should destroy Emma at "TLC" and then have her tear through people on the roster. Have her destroy people like Dana Brooke, Alicia Fox, Emma(again) all while they have Alexa trying to avoid her every week. Have a series of matches leading up to "Survivor Series" putting Asuka against Sasha Banks, and have Bailey against Mickie James.

The winner has a match on the "RAW" before "Survivor Series" to determine who fights Bliss. Have Asuka win and take on Bliss for the title. At "Survivor Series" have a no disqualification match and have Nia Jax return to help Bliss retain the title. Doing all of that keeps everyone looking strong and you go ahead and get Asuka's first loss about of the way. After that, you can have her get angry and go on a tear until the "Royal Rumble" and she can win the first ever Woman's Rumble match and take the title off Bliss at Mania.

I am excited to see Asuka come to the main roster because she is unlike any female superstar I've ever seen! I just hope that the creative team handles this in an interesting way.

I'd love to be completely wrong with everything I've written here and to be surprised. We have to remember that the night Paige came up she won the title off AJ Lee, so they aren't afraid to make a move like that. The woman's division is really strong right now and I hope it stays that way!