Years ago, WCW star Bill Goldberg went on a run that was incredible to see. He started off beating jobbers week after week on television, eventually beating regular opponents that were considered great in-ring workers. Most of his matches lasted under ten minutes until he began main eventing, but the excitement he brought in such a short time made fans love what he did. He went on an amazing streak in that time frame, as he would rack up 173 wins in a row before losing to Kevin Nash at Starcade in 1998.

The real number of victories for Goldberg is actually 155 in a row.

The 173 mark was given as an inflated stat, as every single week the streak number would grow...confusing fans along the way. It was odd to see, but most now believe that they counted live events and also counted ones where Goldberg did not work.

Meanwhile Wwe Nxt Women's Champion Asuka has now won 163 matches as of this past weekend, passing Goldberg's record many matches ago. However, many are on watch to see her beat the streak Goldberg has in the inflated world of 173 in a row.

What is 'next' for Asuka?

Asuka seems to have officially turned heel at "WWE NXT Takeover: Orlando," when she sort of cheated to beat Ember Moon and retain her WWE NXT Women's Championship. She has now held the title for over one year, after winning at "WWE Nxt Takeover: Dallas" in 2016 from Bayley.

Most felt she would lose the title at that point during the WrestleMania week and go to the main roster the following Monday or Tuesday. However, WWE had different plans for the Empress of Tomorrow.

Asuka is set to work the "NXT Takeover: Chicago" event on May 20th in a fatal four way match against Ember Moon, Nikki Cross, and Ruby Riot for the NXT Women's Title.

This was done due to her interfering in a battle royal to determine her #1 Contender for the title she has held for over 365 days. With Moon possibly hurt in that match, the match may be taken down to a triple threat depending on Moon's health heading into "NXT Takeover: Chicago."

Will Asuka ever lose?

Asuka will end up crossing Goldberg's official record soon, but the fact that she has already surpassed his original record is a pretty big deal.

WWE has big plans for Asuka, it appears. Most assume Asuka will end up losing the NXT Women's Title at the upcoming Takeover event. Meanwhile, others think she will drop the title to someone this summer, most likely during "WWE SummerSlam" weekend. However, WWE could have her drop the title at the upcoming event where she does not officially lose as she is not the one pinned, and it turns into a one on one match at "NXT Takeover: Brooklyn" where she could lose officially.

WWE is rumored to be bringing Asuka up after "WWE SummerSlam," but the brand she will go to is yet to be determined. Most feel that she will go to "WWE SmackDown Live" however, which could use a pick-up due to "WWE RAW" having a much deeper division than the blue brand.

Charlotte Flair was moved in the shake-up, but "SmackDown" could still use someone like Asuka as another top heel or babyface for the brand.

WWE has been using Asuka as much as possible, and she has even filled in on the main roster a few times. WWE feels Asuka has a lot of ability and she could be useful to the roster. She is one of the oldest women on the roster, at age 35. However, she has shown that age is just a number and she has managed to continue to put out good matches. WWE does not know how long she can last, so they're using her as much as they can now to get a lot from her before she may have to call it a career.