When the Buffalo Bills decided not to sign Gilmore to an extension, there were mixed opinions from Bills fans. Some hailed the cornerback as one of the top players in the NFL, while others saw him as a mediocre option. In any case, Gilmore left, and the Patriots signed him to a rich deal. In week 1 of the regular season, Gilmore's talent has sometimes been on display, but in what could only be described as a blown coverage, he had a terrible play.

The Connection

The Chiefs were down 21-17 when Alex Smith threw an absolute bomb to Tyreek Hill that resulted in a touchdown.

The play appeared to be a result of Gilmore playing inside coverage, expecting safety help from over the top. There was likely a miscommunication error, and that left Hill with practically nobody around him, allowing him to waltz into the end zone. Just for reference, here's the disastrous play in question.

Bills fans know all too well that Gilmore had plenty of these "communication errors" last season, where was left pointing at another defensive player rather than admitting his own mistake. There's no way to really find out whose coverage it was, but Bills fans certainly weren't going to let Gilmore get away without any prodding on Twitter.

Bills Mafia on Twitter

As a Bills fan, I really enjoyed reading this, especially after watching Gilmore head over to the Patriots. This was the main reaction of many fans to what happened.

And after watching the play, both Bills fans and Tyreek Hill were only too happy to give some choice signals to Gilmore.

And it's really hard not to laugh at what happened to the former Bills cornerback.

And what Twitter roasting would be complete without a Tweet like this?

It's always gotta be in there.

stephon gilmore also finally got his wish: a chance to play on national TV. The Bills don't get many opportunities, but the Patriots do.

Gilmore will have plenty more chances to get burned on national TV this season. Despite what Al Michaels suggested about former Buffalo players on the Patriots being better than current players on the Buffalo roster, it certainly doesn't look like losing Gilmore was a poor move.

Bills Cornerbacks.

The Buffalo Bills will have a chance to strut their stuff in week 1 against a weak New York Jets offense. Both E.J. Gaines and Tre'davious White will look to prove that they were the better option for the Bills all along. It shouldn't be too hard to prove after Gilmore was roasted by Tyreek Hill and Alex Smith.