Can Alex Smith stick around in Kansas City? This is an issue that has arisen now that he has a star running back next to him once again. The Chiefs were planning to rebuild and likely push him out the door, but now Patrick Mahomes could be sitting on the bench for a while. Smith has said that he knows he cannot hang around forever, but he might think that he still has a few years left in him. What happens if they streak through the playoffs and possibly win a title this year?

The Chiefs have a good problem

Every team in the league would like to have a solid quarterback who knows the system, a high draft pick that is sitting behind him, and a plan to rebuild.

The Chiefs could move on from Alex Smith at any time, and that would make it very easy for them to make a snap decision because Mahomes is ready and waiting. They are likely waiting for the time when they can pull out Smith and put Mahomes in the game. Having Hunt and Smith playing so well together means that Mahomes is sitting on the bench wondering if he will even get in the game this season. The Chiefs are very good, and they are good enough that they need to think about keeping things as they are right now.

Years to develop

The Chiefs can spend years developing Patrick Mahomes in the same way that the Patriots have been developing backups. They leave those guys back there to run the second unit, and they are able to come in and play well.

A couple backups in New England have gotten big contracts from other teams or been traded for value because they had training. Aaron Rodgers sat behind Brett Favre for a while, and the Chiefs could easily create a situation that feels a lot like the Packers when they slowly moved on to Rodgers.

Try to win now

The offensive line in KC is good.

The defense is good even though Eric Berry is out for the year. The offense is very good, and they have played well for two weeks in a row. Who are we to say that the Chiefs need to make a change this year just because Mahomes is sitting on the bench? Maybe they need to extend their vision and try to win now with the pieces they have.

They could have a very good three-year window where they can win a title if they are willing to swing for the fences. There is no reason for them to avoid trying to win when the whole team has been put together perfectly. The Chiefs are in the perfect situation, and we must beg them with all that we have to keep their team together. This team is very close to being a contender, but do they know that?