Most everyone has probably encountered that family member or coworker who is narcissistic and self-absorbed. The one whose every conversation is about me, myself, and I. Unfortunately increasing numbers of Americans believe we have such an individual occupying the White House. Each day when the president of the United States addresses issues, his focus is always on himself. Even in times of natural disasters such as the devastation in Puerto Rico, Donald Trump cannot seem to express true concern for the people that he is supposed to govern. His saying he did "A good Job" is starting to wear thin.

Donald Trump continues to be narcissistic

It is obvious that Donald Trump is not familiar with the scripture "Let someone else praise you and not your own mouth, a stranger and not your own lips.(Proverbs 27:2 NIV). During a time of suffering and death, the Donald is only concerned with "winning" and his personal approval rating. He goes on and on about himself, inflating and exaggerating everything to put himself in a good light. His narcissistic attitude renders the POTUS incapable of expressing true concern and empathy for the devastating conditions of American citizens who are suffering and dying. Trump blames the Island's leadership for the aftermath of the hurricanes.

Donald Trump disrespecting the leaders of the Island providence on Twitter is not very presidential.

And in the face of multiple news interviews with Puerto Rican citizens who are confirming that things are still bad, the president stated: "We have done a good job with the almost impossible situation in Puerto Rico." According to an article by Politico, the president comes across as implying that somehow the Island dwellers are lazy and expecting others to do everything for them.

The president of the United States should serve all the people

A United States president is supposed to serve all the citizens of the nation, but 'the Donald's' actions imply that those living off the mainland are somehow not worthy of the same assistance as stats such as Florida and Texas. People are noticing that he is making a distinct difference, but Trump does not seem to care.

His initial response to the situation in Charlottesville and delayed reaction in disavowing White Supremacists is causing many to consider that the leader of the free world is racist. Through it all, he continues to brag about himself and never take responsibility.

The president's attitude toward U.S. citizens of Hispanic descent, who are living outside the mainland is demoralizing. Nightly on panels on CNN however, his supporters continue to say that calling him racist is fake news. They defend his every word and action, by making excuses and shifting focus. It is obvious they are following Donald Trump's lead because he even went so far as to blame the citizens of Puerto Rico for the natural disaster that tore through the Island.