Emmitt Williams is one of the biggest basketball recruits in the country, and he was just charged with sexual assault and false imprisonment. We do not know all the facts of the case, but this should be a warning to all other young players who think that they can get away with these things before they become professionals. Someone who is entitled and gets a lot of leeway needs to be told that they cannot screw up a lot just because they are a kid. Sadly, that is what we tell these boys, and they use that justification to do terrible things.

The entitlement to women

These boys are taught from an early age that they can have anything they want, and they do not take no for an answer. If you have been watching the #MeToo campaign, you have seen the stories of women who have been accosted by men for their phone numbers, and you have seen stories of sexual assault that are grotesque in every way. The boys who play sports are not special. They have talents, but they are not any more special than any other guy. However, they live in a world where they are allowed to take what they want. We saw this culture come up in the FSU case with Jameis Winston. You cannot tell me these younger players do not pay attention and saw that Winston effectively got away with it.

These are allegations

The biggest issue in all of this is that they are allegations that we have to take seriously. We need to know that it has not been proven, but we should think about the idea that where there is smoke there is fire. If this kid actually did this, that needs to be it for his basketball career. If the woman in the case is lying, then she should be charged.

That will appease everyone, but you have to understand that taking these things very seriously means that these boys might be deterred from doing it again. There are just too many guys who actually think they are allowed to hurt women in the name of entitlement.

Joe Mixon

I feel badly for reporting on Joe Mixon because he probably should not be playing football.

Somehow, he managed to get his whole case buried by Oklahoma, and that could have been a part of why Bob Stoops finally retired. We will never know because we cannot go back and figure out what happened in that case. The only thing that we can do is tell these guys that they are not allowed to move on as if everything is alright. It is the same reason people still protest Michael Vick, and it is the same reason Greg Hardy is not in the NFL. Emmitt Williams needed to stay in his lane.