McKayla Maroney has accused a US Gymanstics doctor of sexual abuse over the course of her whole career, and it is only now that it is coming out because of the #MeToo campaign that has been able to embolden so many women. We heard recently that Woody Allen was afraid of a witch hunt, and he should be since he himself is a gross human being. It is good that Maroney has come out, because I doubt this one doctor is the only person who has hurt girls who just wanted to be gymnasts.

This can be fixed

US Gymnastics has to be willing hold anybody responsible accountable if they knew anything, and we have to hope that other girls will come out and accuse someone who has done terrible things to them in the past.

We will never know all of the facts, because these Men are so good at hiding, but we might find out that these women can have justice because of one thing that happened in Hollywood. We have to make sure that US Gymnastics has all their coaches and other staff come forward and be honest about what they have seen. If anyone knew and did nothing, they should be ashamed. I have always wondered about sports like gymnastics and figure skating because they are populated by young girls and usually coached by men. Am I the only person who ever thought that was weird? I have always found it a bit strange, and now we see the results of that.

How far can it spread?

We have to be prepared to hear a lot of names we are familiar with talk on this issue, and we must be ready to hear them out because these women have done nothing wrong.

They have simply been treated badly You must also consider how many gyms around the country are trying to produce these gymnasts. They are all part of the same circuit, and that means that there could be people all over the US who are doing something like this. We, of course, do not know for sure yet, but this could be the beginning of something that completely changes the sport because even international athletes might want to speak on this.

That would make it much easier for us to root out the guys who have been doing this for so long.

Get the Olympics involved

The Olympics need to be involved because they have been at the center of this sport for a long time. We know these girls because they went to the Olympics, and we need to be sure that we have asked the Olympic committee what they knew or saw. There are potentially thousands of staffers who might have seen something and need to come forward for every girl who was hurt.