While recent news has be dominated by the sexual assault and harassment scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump continues to face his own issues. After one of Trump's accusers filed a subpoena against him last week, the president made sure to give his thoughts.

Trump on assault claims

Even before Donald Trump was become a candidate for president, there had been stories that went back decades regarding his treatment of women. Even in public Trump acted out by getting both physical and verbal with what was going through his mind. When the former host of "The Apprentice" kicked off his campaign for president, he quickly faced criticism over the issue, which was highlighted with questions from Fox News host and then debate moderator Megyn Kelly.

Trump was able to move past the issue until the last month before Election Day when the now infamous "Access Hollywood" tape was released where the billionaire real estate mogul was caught on camera where he was bragging about being so famous that women allowed him to grab them when he felt like it. Over the next four weeks, nearly a dozen women went public and accused Trump of various acts of sexual assault and harassment, including Summer Zervos. As reported by The Hill on October 16, lawyers for Zervos filed a subpoena to release any information about the allegations, which prompted Trump to quickly responded.

While standing along side Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the Rose Garden at the White House on Monday, Donald Trump fielded questions covering a wide-range of topics.

One issue was the aforementioned allegations against him, to which the president quickly labeled as bogus. "All I can say is it’s totally Fake News...just fake," Trump said. "It’s fake, it’s made-up stuff," he continued, while adding that it's "disgraceful what happens."

Not stopping there, Donald Trump gave a simple explanation for why so many women came out with their allegations against him.

"That happens in the world of politics," he said.

Next up

While the cloud of controversy stemming from the sexual assault allegations still hang over his head, Donald Trump is facing a laundry list of issues to deal with in the White House. The future of health care and tax reform still remain a mystery, while the commander in chief continues to rant on social media, targeting Democrats and Republicans, the NFL and its players, the media, Hollywood, and even other world leaders. Despite his tone and attempt at spinning his time in office as a positive, Trump is dealing with an approval rating that is below 40 percent.