Donald Trump appears to be getting frustrated with the opposition thrown his way by the Democratic Party. In a series of tweets to start his morning, the president called out past and previous Democratic leadership, including his 2016 election opponent Hillary Clinton.

Trump on Democrats

When Donald Trump made it offical and announced his plan to run for president back in June 2015, not many gave him a realistic chance at success. As the months rolled on, the former host of "The Apprentice" picked up steam and was able to move ahead of his opponents in the Republican primary and ended up being nominated at the party's convention last summer.

Going through the general election it seemed as if Trump had no chance in beating Hillary Clinton, but he was able to do so in one of the most shocking election wins in recent history. Despite this, Trump's victory has been marred by controversy, most notably the allegations claiming Russia hacked the election in his favor. Since then, Trump has faced a bumpy road during his nine months in office, which has included in-fighting with fellow Republicans and criticism from Democrats. As seen on his Twitter account on October 16, the president is back on the attack against the Democratic Party.

Taking to his Twitter account on Monday morning, Donald Trump sent out several tweets targeting the Democratic Party.

"Art Laffer just said that he doesn't know how a Democrat could vote against the big tax cut/reform bill and live with themselves!" Trump tweeted, while tagging Fox News in his post. "The Democrats only want to increase taxes and obstruct. That's all they are good at!" he continued.

"Dem Senator Schumer hated the Iran deal made by President Obama, but now that I am involved, he is OK with it," Donald Trump tweeted again, before adding, "Tell that to Israel, Chuck!" Not stopping there, Trump then went on to call on Hillary Clinton to run against him in 2020.

"I was recently asked if Crooked Hillary Clinton is going to run in 2020? My answer was, 'I hope so!'"

Next up

While Donald Trump takes time to attack members of the Democratic Party, the pressure has only been mounting on his administration.

Questions continue to be raised around issues like health care and tax reform, though the commander in chief has been unable to convince the majority of the American people that he's done a good job in office as his approval rating has dropped to just 35 percent.