When Donald Trump was voted into office, a shock wave went out across the nation. Immediately Americans began the cry of "Not my president, treason, and impeach." Those who supported number 45 said these Americans were mad that Hilary lost, and African Americans who distrusted Trump were accused of reverse racism and being angry that Obama was no longer in office. Now ten months later the current commander in chief has indeed proven he is not a president who cares for the well being of all Americans. His actions have been against women, people of color, and the LBGT community.

Now even his cohort Steve Bannon believes the days of a Trump presidency are numbered.

Discerning Americans saw the handwriting on the wall for the president

African Americans, women, Latino's and those in the LBGTQ community knew in November that Donald Trump was not a man for all the people. He has done nothing since taking the oath of office except roll back the hands of time for women in the workforce and those in the military who are LBGTQ. Trump was quick to chastise black NFL players but slow to address the racists and Neo Nazi's who marched in Charlottesville. He is now showing U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico that he indeed is not their president.

Donald Trump paid close attention to who voted him into office, and he is rewarding them with his very unpresidential behavior.

Those who since November have cried out "Not my president, Impeach, and treason," knew this man was narcissistic, and indifferent those who were different than himself. White Nationalist Steve Bannon came along for the ride, and now is admitting defeat. He thought together he and number 45 would rid Washington of all the long-term Bureaucrats and have a new world order.

Steve Bannon approach will never work

Bannon and Trump did not understand the inner workings of the American political system. They could not ride into town and clean house, by announcing,"You're fired." Not having held previous political offices this unholy duo had no idea what they were up against. Both men grew up in the era of Jim row, civil rights and a day when white males ran this nation.

Now women and people of color are rising into power positions, and the election of Barack Obama sealed the deal.

Donald Trump spent years spreading unfounded propaganda against number 44. He played on the emotions of men like himself, and their votes helped him get elected. Those who supported number 45 said to give him a chance, and in nine months he has humiliated himself, lowered the standing of this nation and now has us on the brink of another world war. It has Steve Bannon and some Americans nine months, to watch the train wreck happen in order to figure out what others knew all along. The POTUS is not a president for every American, is facing possible charges of treason because of the Russian collusion, and is more than likely going to be impeached.