Donald Trump continues his unnatural obsession with Hilary Clinton on a daily basis. Even with indictments being handed down regarding the Russia collusion he tweets daily referring to his former opponent as "crooked." While his base is enjoying these antics, most Americans want Number 45 to at least try to be more presidential, but it just does not seem to be within his capability to do so. It is disheartening to a growing number of people that The Donald was never suited for the oval office and should be impeached as quickly as possible. This nation needs a leader who can focus on the issues at hand and give hope for the future and not one who lives in the past.

Number 45 continues to abuse Twitter

The leader of the free world should have his mind on the situations that affect the American people but Donald Trump tweets almost daily regarding "Crooked Hilary." He continually tweets on Twitter in attempts to deflect attention away from himself by shifting focus elsewhere. One thing we can say about number 45 is that he never flips the script as he has remained steadfast in implying that the former Democratic candidate has something to hide and that there has been no collusion. with Russia.

Many Americans believe the Trump house of cards is crumbling and that soon he will be removed from office, yet number 45 keeps going on the campaign trail for the 202 election and making daily tweets of fake news.

His obsession with Hilary Clinton is unnatural and a number of U.S. citizens believe it is only a smoke screen to divert attention away from the Russia collusion.

Donald Trump will go down shouting "Crooked Hilary" and "no collision"

Should credible evidence come forth that would lead to impeachment, there is one thing Americans can count on.

Donald Trump will not change his rhetoric because it is his story and he is sticking to it. When the end of his presidency comes number 45 will be the captain who will go down with the ship, swinging and fighting all the way. The POTUS will have to be forced to vacate the oval office and when he does, news reporters will no doubt be on hand to capture every moment.

As they are shouting questions and cameras are filming, there will be two phrases on number 45's lips. No matter what he is asked The Donald's answers will be, "Crooked Hilary and "No collusion."He has made these statements so many times that they are automatic and systematic. As he is being led away the POTUS will be declaring and decreeing that no collusion took place and that Hilary Clinton is crooked, because his unnatural focus on his former opponent is so deeply ingrained in his psyche.