It has been about a million years since Tiger Woods was any good as a golfer. He has not been able to get on form since he beat Rocco Mediate at the US Open, and he keeps trying to come back even though he can barely move, has some kind of substance abuse problem, has no friends whatsoever, and is viewed more as an adulterer than a man. This guy needs to take his money and retire because trying to come back looks really bad. Tiger does not understand how golf works from a fan perspective. How we view him is changing because he is further distancing himself from the times when he was actually the best ever.

Jack was better later

Jack Nicklaus won his sixth Masters when he was 46 years old, and Tiger is not even 46 yet. We know that Tiger cannot come back and win a major, and that means that he cannot fix his image before he is close to actual retirement or Senior Tour age. He is forgetting that people like Freddy Couples look good because they still play pretty well in their old age. Those who have aged well are giving us glimpses, but all Tiger can give us is a broken body and another surgery or stint in rehab. Freddy Couples competes for the Masters every year, and Jack Nicklaus had his biggest moment when he was edging on 50. Tiger is barely 40, and he looks like an old man.

Gary Player is in better shape

Gary Player is older than dirt yet he actually won a calendar grand slam, and he is in better shape than you and I. He is in better shape than Tiger even though he is twice his age. How can Tiger expect to come back and have us take him seriously when a legitimately old man is in better physical condition than him?

You also have to remember that what Gary Player did was much bigger than the Tiger slam. Gary Player won all four majors in a row. No one has done that since, and no one probably ever will. How does Tiger expect to compete with that? We keep talking about a comeback, but I do not even know if he can drive the ball anymore.

Tiger needs to do something else

Tiger Woods needs to do something else in golf besides waste his money on surgeries and trying to come back. They are literally killing trees printing newspaper articles about this guy, and he is doing an even better job stringing us along than Brett Favre. Tiger has no chance of being even a half effective golfer, and he basically looks like a guy who got beat up with a golf club, lost his mojo, and cannot get it back. He looks and sounds pathetic, and he needs to stop doing this to himself and get some of his dignity back.