Today is Halloween! What a wonderful day for a true tale of horror and woe. Yes, It is all coming down as your resident wizard predicted. The center of the action is the very person whose toes are about to be stepped on big time. Sorry for the hyperbole, but it feels just a tad exhilarating that on this very day trump's comeuppance is being broadcast to the world. The world will either hear or ignore. We are not naive here.

When I put the pieces of what I know together, the story ends with the back of Trump's capacious head in full view as he moves toward the helicopter that will take him from the presidency forever.

But I know there is a truly deep state out there with billions of dollars to play the same games they played to ensure GOP power prevails come hell or high water,

A little frayed

That GOP monolith, aided by gullible voters, cold war aficionados, defense beneficiaries and the mentally deficient, is a trifle frayed. Susan Collins is not happy with Trump's willingness to abolish the inheritance tax on the mega-rich. There are some angry male Senators who will take their revenge and help submarine Trump's massive transfer of wealth to the already bloated upper percentiles.

But despite the fraying, it is the height of naivete to believe that the attack on democracy cannot succeed. It has done so in nations where the communal IQ was higher than ours.

Mueller to the rescue

It's not exactly thundering hoofbeats but it is close. There's Mueller, our Gary Cooper, High Noon, somber rectifier, himself certified GOP. The deal is to make the narrative swing to the good guy side. Democracy, ice cream, and the American Way reclaimed from the yahoos of the right. He has just the card, this Greek-named fellow who has been wearing a wire they say.

Mueller timed his revelations down to the minute. He could have emulated his prey and jumped the gun back in July but he waited and watched and concluded things. Boom. Yesterday we learned of what the story immediately below tells. Read it. Go ahead.

Remember how jubilant high-level Trump lovers were when word came through of Russian possession of Hillary emails?

Remember Rudy gloating? How sweet the memory is. We need John Keats to remind us of the sacrifice

This is the best and most simple reading I have thus far found -- it is well worth your time.

So what transpires?

What is happening is a denouement, part of the drama Trump knew when decades ago he let slip the observation that he really should not consider running for president - that was his gist. He knows he would act out and be the Donald that he was already. That meant his Russia thing. Just name the women his life - the 'a' at even the end of Marla's name is a tell.

Think about it.

It also meant revenge fetish, attack mode, repetition mode, alerts of coming attractions. Excitation is Trump's drug of choice. It defeats patience and thoughtfulness. You cannot live as who he is without his past and today's septuagenarian dottiness coming home to roost.

The story is a basket case

Trump is already a basket case. He cannot emote on any subject now and be coherent. Fortunately, the media transcribes only. It does not require coherence. Why go for the impossible? He will either stay in office and turn a short drama into an interminable one. Or he will be out, gone. And all we will be left with is the same thing - an obnoxious GOP deep state of cold war fundamentalists.