California is burning with wildfire, racists had another march in Charlottesville over the weekend, Puerto Rico and other US providences remain in need of help recovering from the Hurricanes and yet number 45 remains more concerned with ratings than the vast number of issues facing this nation. He is being called a moron with reckless behavior, who is not fit for his office and he is worried about ESPN and Jemele Hill. The Reality Show presidency continues, and everyone who voted Donald Trump into office should be hanging their heads in shame. It's time to pull the plug on a world leader who must be monitored like a child in daycare.

Republicans are admitting number 45 has serious issues

Republican Senator Bob Corker is the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He recently voiced his opinion that the United States cannot be governed as if it were a reality show. Corker shared his concerns that Donald Trump is out of control and the White House is like a daycare with elected and appointed official trying to keep a wild card president in check. He said there was chaos every single day and is worried that number 45 might start World War III.

It is believed that other members of the GOP feel the same way as Corker but as of yet have not said so publicly. By now there should not still be one sane person who voted for Donald Trump who still believes he will suddenly become presidential.

This man is making a mockery of the nation instead of making it great again. Rather than heal the nation and bring all Americans together, number 45 continues his reality show and now TMZ reports that he has turned on ESPN commentator Jemele Hill.

Trump supporters need a reality check, not a reality show

Donald Trump won the election in November, yet almost a year later he is still in campaign mode. All he can keep on his mind are ratings, doing a great job and winning.

In his Twitter rant against ESPN, he claimed their ratings were down. ESPN ratings have nothing to do with governing this nation. Everyone who continues to support number 45 needs a reality check, rather than a reality show. It's time for more people to stand up like Bob Corker and say: The Emperor is naked, he has on no clothes".

The truth is that this presidency is bringing the nation down and it needs to be put out of its misery. Those who voted Donald Trump into office should acknowledge that he is a menace to the United States. He operates like a schoolyard bully who beats up anyone that does not let him get his way. Last week it was the NFL players, and today it is ESPN and Jemele Hill. This childish behavior will continue as long as he is allowed to remain in office. The reality show presidency needs to end.