Since November when Donald Trump was elected the 45th president, of the United States, there has been an anything-goes attitude in the nation. The POTUS bad mouths anyone who does not agree with his methods, and says nasty things about other world leaders. Congressmen and Senator's openly disrespect the commander in chief, calling him a moron and saying he is not fit for office. Now this country is witness to the first lady Melania Trump, and the first wife Ivanna, playing out a reality show in front of the American people. Both these women could learn a lesson fro other first ladies and hold themselves to higher standards.

Previous first ladies did not engage with their haters

Two modern day first ladies who were talked about badly were Barbara Bush and Michelle Obama. People said that the wife of George H. W. Bush looked more like his mother than his wife. She was referred to as frumpy, and her style of dress was called into question. Mrs. Bush kept rolling along and did not address he detractors publicly. Michelle Obama, the wife of the 44th president, was the first African American first lady. She was called an ape and a monkey. She too did not respond to those who disrespected her.

Until now, Melania Trump seemed to be following in the footsteps of her predecessors, by not engaging with those who threw dirt in her direction.

Ivanna Trump's interview seems to be the straw that broke the camel's' back. There did not need to be any response to what the first wife of Donald Trump said because the entire world knows that Melania is the one and only current first lady of the U.S.

Ivanna Trump has shown herself to be petty

It is wrong for Ivanna Trump to utilize the role she played more than 25 years ago, to keep herself in the spotlight.

Everyone knows that she was the first wife of Donald Trump and he offered her a role as an ambassador to the Czech Republic. What was not known to the public is her claim to have the private phone number to the White House, and that she calls the 45th president twice a month. That came across as if she was implying that somehow she and her ex-husband continue to have a relationship of sorts.

This indicates that the first wife is not above being petty in order to try to get under the skin of the first lady. Now because Melania Trump's representative responded, the media and many Americans are considering this a reality TV series, and are anxiously awaiting what may come next. Who could ever have imagined that Americans would be watching this type of behavior coming from the Oval Office?