Since his campaign, there have been three constant statements that Donald Trump stands by: "We'll see," "We're doing a great job," and "You're fired." He continues the campaign Rhetoric along with clapping his hands and encouraging crowds to support him This works in the moment but has little substance for staying power. He operates as if he is still on the trail seeking votes, even though he won the election. This is his method of operation because he simply is incapable of being presidential. Now after 9 months of chaos even many Republicans who supported him agree that he is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

Donald Trump has a love affair with himself

Number 45 has a love affair with himself and is all about winning. Even in the face of criticism of the way he handled the hurricane situation in Peurto Rico, The POTUS smiled, capped his hands and said he did a great job. It is evident that Donald Trump simply wants to win over everyone else. This was evident when he said that fake voters were the reason it seemed Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and the president stated that the crowd for his inauguration was larger than that of Barack Obama. This was not true but he has never admitted it.

Experts have said this man is egotistic and narcissistic, and his behavior seems to prove the correct. He makes decisions that keep his very small base happy but are not in the best interest of all Americans.

Republicans who once supported Donald Trump are now going on record saying how dangerous he is. Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of Foreign Affairs expressed his alarm at the fact that this leader is unable to show himself presidential. In an interview, he stated his very real fear that the POTUS could be the cause of World War III.

Number 45 an only be stopped by impeachment

Donald Trump has never held public office and has no experience in governing locally, statewide or nationally. He simply was ill-equipped for the position of leader of the free world, but his fans believed he was. Many of his supporters thought that as an outsider he would fire all the bureaucrats and bring law and order to Washington D.C.

They did not consider that our nation has a system of checks and balances that prevent Number 45 from doing his own thing. It has been alleged that Rex Tillerson referred to his boss as a

It has been alleged that Rex Tillerson referred to his boss as a moron, and now Bob Corker is calling the unpresidential leader reckless. As increasing numbers of those who once supported Donald Trump are speaking out against him and or abandoning ship, it becomes clear that there is only one way to change the course of this nation. Number 45 must be impeached for the good of all. It is better for the one man be dealt with than our entire nation perish.