When Donald Trump won the election in November it caused widespread panic across the nation. People of color, women, and the LBGTQ community realized immediately the tragedy that was coming to America. Tump supporters said those who opposed the new leaders were angry that Hillary Clinton lost the election or were upset because Barack Obama was no longer in office. Those who supported number 45 did not understand that others were seeing the handwriting on the wall.

Now, even members of his own cabinet are admitting that the president is running the nation like a reality show.

There is a real concern now that his reckless behavior may be the cause of World War Iii.

Bob Corker speaks out against the president

Bob Corker is currently the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. On Sunday, during an interview, he was very candid in his rebuke of the leader of the free world. Corker expressed a sentiment that a growing number of Americans, including those who voted for number 45, now share. He acknowledged that Donald Trump is running the nation like a reality show and operating as if he is still on "The Apprentice." This is most evident in the fact that the president continues to fire people for little or no reason.

On "The Apprentice," Donald Trump was famous for saying, "You're fired." The list of White House officials that he has forced out or caused to resign continues to grow.

He even said that athletes who do not stand for the National Anthem should be fired. Americans who expressed concern about this man's ability to lead the nation were not hating on him, or upset because Hilary lost and Obama left office. U.S. citizens had real concerns, and now their worst fears are coming to pass. Now, this man is angering leaders of other nations, and the possibility of World War III is growing.

All Americans should be concerned at this point

Bob Corker said that anyone who cares about this nation should be concerned, and many Americans agree. Donald Trump in nine months has taken this country in a fast and furious descent and made us the laughing stock of other nations. His calling Kim Jong Un "little rocket man," and insulting other world leaders diminishes the credibility of America and places all of us in danger.

Anyone who voted for Trump who still cannot see that he is a danger to us is deluding themselves. He has been given time, and everything has gotten worse. This nation cannot be run like a reality show where you simply fire people at will. Steps need to be taken now to remove this dangerous and very unpresidential leader from office before it is too late. World War III is looming and the commander-in-chief is not able to make rational decisions in the best interest of all citizens. His reckless behavior could cost many people their lives. And he probably would not even care.