The Packers are in very Big Trouble now that they have to start Brett Hundley. They have no choice now that Aaron Rodgers has broken his collarbone, but this team is going to sink in the NFC North while others can pick up the pace and overtake them. What can happen in this division now that the Packers are not really contenders anymore?

The Vikings and Lions can catch up

Both the Vikings and the Lions can get back in this division because they know for a fact that the Packers will not be able to score as much as they were. They just do not have the same firepower, but the Lions can score.

They put up 38 in a loss, and The Vikings have a very good tandem of quarterbacks that will help them get through this season. Even the Bears seem hopeful right now, and that means that all three of these teams smell blood in the water. The Packers cannot hide because they are just not good enough without Rodgers. They have no hope, and they are in a very bad place right now.

The Packers are stuck

The Packers have no choice but to play Brett Hundley because he is their only real option, but that does not mean that they can do anything of consequence. They are stuck with him, but he is probably not developed enough right now to take over. This team does not sign big players unless they are named Reggie White, and that is why they probably need to hunker down for a very long last half of the season.

They could start losing because they do not score enough, and they do not have the kind of defense that took them to a Super Bowl win with Rodgers many years ago. They have to get Hundley through the season without getting hurt, and they have to start retooling because every weakness they have will be exposed. Rodgers covers up a lot of problems, but he cannot hide the fact that this team has little depth.

A new defense

I hope that this injury at least gets the Packers to think about having a much better defense next year. They could put anybody around Rodgers, and they would score. However, they cannot put anybody on the field for defense and expect them to stop people. That is a problem for the team, and it will have to be solved through the draft.

They have to be shrewd right now because they have no choice, and they might come out of this injury much better than when they started. Rodgers is still fairly young for a quarterback, and they could get much more good years out of him with a new defense.

The Rodgers injury needs to make the Packers reflect on where they went wrong.