Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance against the NFL owners for collusion, but the problem is that I do not think that they colluded. I think that we can explain this better if we think about it in terms of the Civil War or World War II. You have seen the films and the TV shows, and you can use that information to see why the owners probably did not collude even though they have definitely locked Kaepernick out of the league. How could they have not colluded? They have hate in their heart.

Fighting for pride

The reason why the south never let go of the Civil War is foolish pride.

People fought on the side of the Confederacy because of pride. They thought they had to do what was right in the eyes of the people that were back home, and they did not necessarily care about principles. They wanted to own slaves and be racist bigots, but they also wanted to do what everyone else was doing at home. They made a movie about this called "The Shadow Riders." The racist brother fought for the Confederacy, but they only say it was because he wanted to support the people at home. Had they fleshed out his character, you would have found out he liked owning slaves, I bet.

Nazi Germany

The Germans believed Hitler when he said the Jews were the cause of their problems, and they are still ashamed of that all this time later.

They should be because the Holocaust is their fault. They believed a maniac, and they decided that they should follow the crowd. They were some of the most weak minded people of all time, and Nfl Owners fall into that category. They decided that they would rather make money and be aligned with a bad President because he is powerful.

These owners like making money more than they like people, and they did not have to collude to come to that decision. They have hate and greed in their hearts, and they simply acted on it. You knew what kind of men these owners were the second they decided that they would not sign Kaepernick. Look at the Mara and Tisch families in New York.

They came right out and said they would not do something that was right because they prefer to appease the racist and bigoted fans they have. Do you really need to know any more about them or the people who run their team? That is not collusion. That is just being a bad person.

The game is part of America

Racism and bigotry is clearly a part of the American fabric because these owners make billions, can play on racist ideology, and still get away with it.