Have you ever read a crime novel and been so disgusted by the acts described in the book that you started feeling a lump in your throat? Have you ever read a comedy that you thought was so funny that you actually laughed out loud? Have you ever read a dramatic scene in a novel that brought tears to your eyes? Literature can be powerful and reading well written scenes can cause you to have a reaction. Whether you're laughing or crying, getting angry or have a lump in your throat, literature allows you to slip into a different world for a moment.

You become part of this world, which causes you to have a reaction.

Believe it or not, erotic writing that has been done well can cause you to have a reaction. Erotic novels can make you cry, can make you laugh, and can cause you to have a lump in your throat, as these books are not simply about the sex. Characters get hurt, characters get their hearts broken, and characters achieve major milestones that cause you to be happy for them. But, the sex scenes can also get you excited.

Readers get turned on by erotica

Believe it or not, well written Erotica can cause you to get turned on. Maybe you are the kind of person who needs a bit more time to get warmed up before a sexual act. Erotica can serve as foreplay prior to you having sex with somebody.

If you're alone and reading an erotic novel, chances are you are going to be turned on as well if the author knows how to craft interesting storylines, and you may get excited about two characters having sex or getting intimate. It's part of being human. You react to different situations in different ways and when you are invested in your characters' storylines, you may feel what they feel.

Don't be embarrassed by it

As mentioned so many times before by so many people, there is a belief that people read erotica because they don't have an active sex life. There is a belief that women who are married read erotica because they're not pleased with their own relationship when it comes to sex. This is simply not the case.

So, if you find yourself being turned on by erotica, don't think it's because you're deprived in any way. It simply means that the author wrote a scene that is so incredible that it speaks right to your heart and right to your mind. It also means that you are able to connect with characters in a book.

Are you surprised that people have physical Reactions to erotica novels? Have you ever been turned on after reading erotica?