Erotica is an interesting genre. Many authors write books with the goal of selling it to people who want to read them while some people simply buy erotica out of curiosity. There also two kinds of readers: there are the ones who are proud to be erotica readers and then there are the ones who buy the books in secret because they're embarrassed about reading stories about other people having sexual relations.

There is a stigma that people who read erotica don't have enough sex in their own lives. This is simply not the case, as erotic fiction is not only about the intimate act.

In every erotica story, there's a story that transcends the sexual act and there are characters that are just as developed as in some of the best-selling novels in other genres on the market. But, for the readers who read erotica in secret, it has become much easier to get a copy of the newest books because of you eReaders. e-Readers and tablets have changed the industry, as erotic literature is more accessible.

Readily available content

The e-Readers are a massive part of today's fiction industry because many people buy novels on-the-go. It has become much easier to listen to audiobooks via tablets and phones, while some people prefer reading books on their e-Readers or tablets.

When it comes to erotic content, e-Readers make the content more available, as people can easily download the latest novel that they want to read and they don't have to feel embarrassed when they read it on a train or the bus.

With a paperback, the cover of the book will be visible to everyone who looks at the book, but with a tablet, the reader can essentially hide what it is they're reading. This makes it more appealing to people who feel embarrassed when reading erotica in public.

Self-publishing also open source

The erotica world has also changed the way people self-publish content.

Many larger distributors are not interested in publishing stories that talk about crimes in a sexual manner, such as rape or sodomy, but some authors like to explore these topics. Since major resellers won't pick up stories about these subjects, authors have to be creative in how they handle this kind of situation. In other words, self-publishing via a tablet can be the solution.

Many authors can simply make their work available on their own website, which is easy to access via a tablet or an e-Reader with an Internet connection. e-Readers and tablets have changed the industry, as more people are choosing to read the content in secret, as they may feel less judged for buying these kinds of books.

Would you prefer to read erotica on a tablet or an e-Reader?