Erotica may be one of the best-selling genres on the literary market but it isn't always easy to get published. While some people will gladly write for the mass-market and keep things somewhat clean, others want to explore Sexual Acts in ways that may not fit well with the mainstream market. Because some sexual acts are downright illegal, writers are limited in many ways when it comes to publication. Some Publishing Companies don't want to touch a novel with a 10-foot pole if it discusses these acts, because they fear that readers will retaliate if they publish works that encourage or support illegal acts.

Such an illegal act could include rape, for example, as a point of reference.

Ways around it

The world of self-publishing has made this challenge easy, as authors can simply choose to self-publish their novel if no publisher wants to publish it for them. Self-publishing allows authors to release their work to the retailers who want to take on the work. Even though some publishing companies don't want to do the publishing for the authors, there are plenty of buyers willing to support this kind of literature. You just have to do your research to see who is willing.

There are indeed some rules when it comes to writing erotica if you want to work with a publication or even with certain retailers.

Retailers and resellers change their rules all the time so it would be wise to read up on what kind of content they're willing to publish for you. That's not to say that you will be without a publication deal if you choose to write about erotica but some erotica is simply not appropriate, according to these companies, and they don't want to publish a book for you if they feel it could result in a backlash.

It's all about the customer

You have to think about these publication companies and resellers as a business entity. They have customers who are buying their things and if customers see something they don't like, they may threaten to boycott the site or the reseller altogether. While it is the reseller's job to connect authors with readers and share as much literature as possible, there are some obstacles that they can face when readers retaliate, and it does happen.

It would be wise for you to read what kind of content the reseller is willing to take on before you start crafting a novel with a reseller in mind.

What do you think about writing erotica under a set of rules for the sake of being able to sell something? Do you understand why some publishers and resellers don't want to sell sexual stories that talk about sensitive topics?