Are you getting tired of the same old storyline in Erotica? Are you tired of the storyline where two people hook up for a one night stand because they need to scratch the itch? Are you simply exhausted when it comes to reading erotica because you feel that authors aren't thinking outside the box and making the stories more realistic? You're not alone.

Many readers enjoy reading erotica but they also want to read something refreshing and interesting. There are many stories that have been done to death several times and readers are looking for something a bit more intriguing, original, and perhaps completely out-of-the-box.

Many authors will talk about sex scenes and relationships as if they're trying to consent their own in Real Life, but there's nothing wrong with your own relationship and you can use real-life situations in your erotic novel. While you may not want to talk about your own sex life, you can definitely use inspiration from your friends as they discuss their relationship with you – with their permission, of course.

Online sex

With the growing advances in technology, people are making long distance relationships work because they can experiment with technology, phones, tablets, and other devices where they can see one another from a distance. An example would be FaceTime or Skype, where they can have intimate time with one another despite being in different states.

Online sex isn't something new, but it may be something you can introduce in your novel as a way of keeping things hot and heavy if your characters spend time apart.

If you're not familiar with this, it may be wise to speak to a couple who have been in a long-distance relationship and have used online sex as part of their routine to keep the romance alive.

It can be exciting and fun, as you have the freedom to do whatever you want with the research you find. You don't have to describe a sexual encounter as such, and you can keep things relatively PG-13 if you want.

Introducing toys

Some people enjoy bringing sex toys into the bedroom to keep things spicy if they've been married for several years and want to keep the relationship fresh and exciting.

This is something you can also introduce in your literature. You should never assume that your readers are experienced in the bedroom and have tried everything from A-Z. They may be reading your novels to get inspiration. There's nothing wrong with experimenting a little bit and trying new things.

How are you using real-life situations in your erotic novel?