Have you been meaning to pick up an Erotica book lately? It is a genre that you've considered plenty of times before but perhaps you've never had the chance to pick up a paperback book from the bookstore or download a digital copy to your e-reader. Well now may be the time to explore this interesting genre, as many new authors are publishing interesting works that will take you all over the genre.

You can find work that falls into the paranormal or you can even pick up a historical erotic novel. Whatever you want, there's plenty of things to explore.

If you're still trying to convince herself as to whether this is a good idea, here are five reasons why you should dive right into erotica literature tonight.

1. Forget reality

Erotica allows you to skip your own reality for just a second. It takes away from the daily stresses of work, clean your house, taking care of the kids, and everything else you have going on. It allows you to enter someone else's world and just be someone else for a brief second.

2. There is an entertainment value

While the best-selling novel on the market may not be in erotica, many erotic literature books do have some sexy and controversial storylines that can really draw you in. Don't think that just because you're picking up an erotica book you're going to be Reading about people having sex.

These books are not predictable so the controversial stories that are often within these novels are wildly entertaining and could keep you up all night long turning the pages.

3. Interesting conversations

You may not have the kind of friends that talk about how they read erotica before bedtime, but if you are the first person to bring up that you read erotica, you may be in for a wild ride in terms of conversations.

You may learn that some of your girlfriends have been interested in reading this genre. Luckily for them, you have some books you can recommend.

4. In touch with your sensuality

Believe it or not, but many many people forget about the sensual side once the hectic daily life takes over. You have to think about practical matters such as putting gas in the car, picking up the kids from school, and making dinner.

That sensual side you may have explored prior to starting a family will start to surface when you read erotica. It could possibly reintroduce a new element to your relationship with your partner.

5. Sex versus love

Sometimes having sex can become a chore for some people. While people may not admit it, no one wants to have sex when they have a headache and when they are dead tired from the day's activities. Plus when you're trying to have kids, sex can become more of a practical matter. But reading erotica will allow you to rethink the way you are engaging in sexual activity with your partner and you will quite possibly rediscover the lovemaking act, something that you may have put aside for the sake of life.

Are you ready to pick up an erotic novel for this weekend?