There are many things that are not legal when it comes to Sex In Public. People get arrested for having sex in public and exposing themselves to others, and for some people, it's a serious problem. But many feel that erotic literature should be classified as something that's inappropriate in public. Perhaps their concern that the child is going to be curious about the book cover, that's showing a half-naked woman and a man embracing one another. Perhaps they are concerned that the child is going to ask too many questions about what the book is about or about sex in general.

Or maybe people are just easily offended when they see an erotic story.

You may not see many people reading erotic literature in public, such as on the train going to and from work or even sitting in a park reading a book they've borrowed from the library. Apparently, people are quite sensitive when it comes to Erotic Fiction and they would prefer to keep it out of the public eye. Perhaps this is why erotic fiction is constantly judged, and why there are so many misconceptions about the genre.

Nothing to be embarrassed about

If you're wondering whether you can bring an erotic novel with you on the train when you are going to work, the answer is yes - absolutely. Don't ever be afraid of reading something that could rattle someone else, even if you're in a public space.

You have the right to read whatever book you please and you don't necessarily have to take other people into consideration. It's not like you are streaming a pornographic film on a train with no headphones on.

There's a difference between you possibly offending people and you feeling embarrassed about reading a book on the train.

If you are the one feeling embarrassed about reading this kind of content, you can always hide it with a different sleeve or use an eReader to read your book. But if you feel completely comfortable reading an erotic fiction on the train or on the bus for everyone to see, then don't be afraid to show it off.

May inspire others to do the same

Sometimes we just need a little motivation to step outside of our comfort tone. Some people may be curious about reading erotica but they haven't taken the step to buy a book because they're scared of being judged by others. If you are open to reading your erotica fiction on the train, you may inspire others to pick up a book as well. Sometimes, it's nice to know that you're not alone when you're reading an erotica. Don't ever be afraid of showing who you are and being proud of the literature you read.

What do you think about reading erotica in public? Do you think people are too sensitive? Do you think that readers should keep children and others in mind when reading this genre in public?