In “Yakuza 0,” players will have to handle Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima and upgrade their abilities. The only problem is that these abilities cost a Lot of in-game money and it would be difficult to gain a lot later. Here are the methods I used in order to acquire a lot of money to spend on different things.

Fighting off random enemies

One of the most common ways to earn money in this video game is through fighting random enemies on the streets. Random Yakuzas, mobsters, riders, and more can yield usually 300,000-500,000 Yen in the game. The numbers depend on how the character dispatches their enemies, which is why it is recommended to finish them off in a special way like throwing a bike.

Fighting off these random enemies will also yield some special items that you can sell like Golden Plates. These can be done if Kiryu or Majima saves a victim from enemies that are harassing them. These items are very expensive to sell, which is another recommended tactic to follow.

Fishing for fish and random items

Another method of gaining a lot of cash in the game is in the fishing mini game. Surprisingly, this particular mini game yields a lot of expensive fish that you can sell. It can also give random expensive items that you can sell like the plates and also it can even bring in suitcases full of cash.

This method is easy to do as well and can be spammed continuously. The fishing areas instantly restock fish after exiting your first try, which means they do not have to wait for another day.

Real estate and cabaret club mini-games

This method is categorized into two mini-games, which are the real estate and the cabaret club management. Kiryuu manages the real estate, which allows him to invest in properties in Kamarucho. As he invests more money into these properties, the returns will become larger.

The best part of this mini-game is that players do not have to do too many things.

They will be challenged by mini-bosses later on as their investments grow larger, but it will be easier to defeat them at that time. This is actually one of the best methods to get rich for Kiryuu’s side.

Majima’s side, on the other hand, needs to be handled and monitored closely. Players will have to go into a mini-game of entertaining their guests at their cabaret club and earn a lot of cash if they are successful.

They can also dress-up their girls and make them more appealing to their customers too.

Challenging Mr. Shakedown

The best and the most difficult method to get rich in “Yakuza 0” is by defeating Mr. Shakedown. This big muscled guy roams the streets and challenges the protagonists until one is defeated.

If the heroes get hit, they will lose a lot of money. If they hit Mr. Shakedown, they will earn a lot of cash in the process. They will also get all of the money that is displayed on top of his head when you confront him.

The problem is that Mr. Shakedown is a tough opponent to beat up. He has a lot of health points and he can surprise you with attacks that will blow the heroes away. I suggest investing in equipment, high caliber weapons, and have a lot of HP before confronting this guy.

Check out the "Yakuza 0" Mr. Shakedown Takedown video here: