Yakuza 0” is a prequel to the popular “Yakuza” game series that depicts the story of several Yakuza gang members, especially Kazuma Kiryu. It is an action-adventure game that has elements of an open world game but set in Japan. Here is my review of one of the manliest games I have played in a while.

Beautiful character models with great details

One of the best parts of this video game is its 3D character models and its facial features. It has such supreme details that it is almost real to look at, and the pores of the skin can be seen if you look at it closely.

The environment is not so bad looking, but not that impressive as well though.

The facial animations of this game are quite great, which evokes a lot of emotion especially in a dramatic scene. Players can see it clearly that the characters and the voice actors are totally in sync and it shows how much emotion is being shown. The lip syncing is done well too with superb animation done by SEGA.

Voice acting done right

Aside from perfect lip syncing, the voice acting is really done well in this video game. Players can really feel the tension in a heated argument when the main character bumps heads with other Yakuza gang members. This is why I would favor more on Japanese voice dubs and the English version because they just do it well in breathing life into a character.

The music is also well done, especially in intense boss fights. Again, you will feel the tension and the suspense in fighting a difficult boss, and the victory after winning against them. Players would feel like they really are in the Kabukicho Shinjuku area with sounds of an arcade, the noise from the crowds, and primarily what you hear from a busy city.

A story of manliness, Yakuza lifestyle, and numerous sidequests

Yakuza 0” has a manly and super dramatic story that players will definitely appreciate how Japanese would honor their friends, and how they would get revenge for those who deserve it. They will also get a glimpse of how the Yakuza really operate in the city and what happens behind the curtains.

They will also know how they honor their debts, their allegiances with their bosses, territories, and the lifestyle of those who live in Tokyo city at that time.

This game follows the story of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima in their respective stories before the sequels came about. Kazuma is looking for the truth of what happened to their boss and what is the story of a certain lot. Goro’s story reveals what really happened to him before he became a “wild” character in the sequels.

Intense fighting gameplay with tons of sidequests

Players are thrust into street fights in random encounters in this awesome game and sometimes in sidequests. They will have to defeat Yakuza gang members, drunkards, giant men, and more in order to move forward or finish a mission.

There are three different types of fighting styles each character has to master in order to have an advantage against these fights.

Players will also have a lot of fun all over the city with different types of mini games that lets them earn cash. They can then use that money to unlock more fighting skills, buy weapons and equipment, use for gambling, and investments. They can finish the game without tackling these numerous mini games and sidequests, but these are great options to involve in as it pays out well.

Replayability value is high due to unlockable items

Players will have the time of their lives when they will finish the video game for the first time. They will be able to unlock certain DLC costumes that SEGA graciously gave for free, and they get to keep all of their stats, items, and money afterward.

They can continue roaming the area and fight enemies, or they can play the numerous mini games and have fun.

Yakuza 0” is one of the great masterpieces done by SEGA and it all shows the culture of the Japanese and their boundless honor among their own people. My score for this awesome game is a high 9 out of 10 points.

Check out the "Yakuza 0" Accolades Trailer below: