Ole Miss will most assuredly lose to Alabama tonight, but they will lose for a variety of related things. They are not simply a bad team with an inferior interim coach. They are not sitting on the verge of basically getting the death penalty from the NCAA alone. Oh no, it is much more than that. You are looking at a team that is going to pay for two losses they put on Alabama with players that they should not have had under a coach who was using his school cell phone to order escorts. Alabama might not be perfect, but they will be outraged at Ole Miss for what they have done in the past.

Ole Miss is dirty

Granted, a lot of college sports programs are dirty. You go from the lady at Georgia who basically forced her gymnasts to be Bible-toting Christians to Ole Miss and the old SMU football program, and you will find something terrible. Penn State under Joe Paterno comes to mind, and John Calipari has vacated more wins that I could even count. However, the dirty things that Ole Miss did were directly responsible for making Alabama miserable. Now, Ole Miss will pay.

Alabama is very good

We can have a conversation about what the best team in the country is, but right now the Crimson Tide are very good. Ole Miss has nothing going for it, and they do not have enough talent to get past this team.

They are missing some of the most unsavory players whom we all could see were simply not meant to be there. However, Hugh Freeze got all these kids to the school through some sort of dirty dealing. If you have a guy smoking pot in a gas mask and another who fell out of a hotel room window while high, you probably are not running the cleanest program.

Alabama has revenge on their mind

Alabama will spend all their time getting revenge for what happened to them last year. They are going to play every team hard this year because they want to get back to the national title game and try again. They know just how close they were, and they know that they have no other expectations on them.

Alabama has to win titles, or their seasons are failures. That is what kind of situation they are in, and they need to live up to expectations while they still have Nick Saban as their coach.

Other teams look great

Georgia walloped Tennessee, and it is possible that Mississippi State has something that in them that could cause Alabama problems. Clemson looks great, and Penn State might look better. Alabama has to be very careful because the end of this season will be very difficult.