Once again the words and actions of The President give the impression that he is indifferent to Americans who do not look like him. Donald Trump is now blaming the American citizens of Puerto Rico for the situations they have been dealing with since the hurricanes. His latest tweet accuses those living on the Island, of being lazy and wanting everything done for them. The delay in FEMA getting help to the people in this area is also causing questions to be raised. And adds fuel to the fire for those who believe the POTUS cannot relate to anyone who is not a rich white male.

The leader of the free world has shown himself to have problems with women, the LBGTQ community, Americans who are poor, and black or brown.

The insults just keep coming from the president

Americans in Puerto Rico are suffering, and dying, and in desperate need of basic human necessities. At a time when they are crying out for help, their national leader is insulting them. Trump also accused the Mayor of San Juan, Carmen Yulin Cruz, of poor leadership. Rather than being a leader himself of all U.S. citizens, the POTUS continues to divide and show indifference to those who are black and brown. At a time when he should show himself as presidential, the Donald just keeps the insults coming.

Even though most of us realize that Donald Trump will never change, it is still shocking when he opens his mouth, or tweets something that lets Americans know he has sunken to a new lower level.

The fact that he has something negative and hurtful to say to everyone except the Russians and White Supremacists is very telling. And it seems that he has a little extra venom in his voice when dealing with situations related to people of color.

Donald Trump seems openly racist but his base insists he is not

Puerto Rico is an Island and, understandably, less easy to access than the mainland states and it was days before FEMA was able to get on the ground.

Did it really take that long or was there hesitation because the inhabitants are of Hispanic origin? The years of insisting that Barack Obama was not a citizen, referring to African American NFL players as 'son of a bitch," calling for the execution of 5 innocent black men in New York, and now delaying help to Island Americans, and saying the Mayor exhibits poor leadership raises eyebrows for many.

Donald Trump has said he is the least racist person on earth and yet many believe he is openly indifferent to people of color. Saturday on CNN, Bob Costas said that there is a pattern with the president that seems to validate those who consider him a racist. Sadly the debates about whether he is or is not do not help the hungry, thirsty, sick, or the dying people of Puerto Rico. The president took an oath to serve and he should be made to treat all Americans equal. If he does not, more people will agree with Ana Navarro that he is shameful, disgusting and embarrassing.