The list of Elite quarterbacks in the NFL shifts a little bit every year as we try to decide who is truly in a class of their own. Some people would argue it is only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Others would add Eli Manning, and still, others would add Matt Ryan. It is hard to tell where the line is because we have no idea what elite means. Is an elite player going to the Hall of Fame? Are they just really good? Are they the MVP of their team? We have no idea because there are no parameters for this.

Brady and Rodgers

Brady and Rodgers are clearly elite, and there is not a person who would argue that fact.

The NFL is filled with good players with talent, but it is hard to wipe away the people who simply do not belong at the top. We cannot say that you have to have won a Super Bowl because certain players have Super Bowl's without being all that good. You have to be so good that we trust you with your team more than anyone else while you are also winning on some level.

Ryan and Flacco

This was a big argument because Flacco has a ring and Ryan does not. They are the same generation of player, and they are very good without being overwhelming. Ryan has better stats overall, but that does not make him great. He is only elite if you think that he is going to the Hall of Fame the same way Dan Fouts did.

He never won a Super Bowl, but we know he was wonderful. He was not beating down the whole NFL, but the Air Coryell offense was enough to make him a superstar that we still love today.


Eli is elite if you consider that he is one the biggest gamers in the league, and it is important to remember that he has won two Super Bowls almost by himself.

He was incredible in the first Super Bowl, and he made the most elusive pass of all time. He should have been on the ground. You could watch that play, and you will think he is going to the ground, but he somehow gets the ball out of there to beat the mighty Patriots. He beat the best team of this generation twice in the most important game, and we cannot overlook that he has also not missed a game since he came into the league.

That is your list

There is no one else to argue for because there are no other players that are that good. No one is stepping up to be elite, and we would have to wonder if Russell Wilson fits because he has that great defense behind him. I would be inclined to take him down a notch because the defense is so good, but you could argue that he is just as good as these other guys especially considering he is smaller. Take your pick.