It's July 10th, and that means the Fantasy Football season is closing in quickly. Because of that, it's time to start thinking about which wide receivers and running backs are worth taking in this year's draft. In previous articles, I've taken a look at some of the more overrated receivers and running backs in fantasy football. In this article, I'm going to preview four of the most underrated fantasy football quarterbacks for the 2017 season.

1. Dak Prescott.

Are fantasy football players crazy? Dak Prescott finished his season last year as the 6th highest scoring quarterback in fantasy and he had only one single digit fantasy performance against the Giants in week 14.

The risk of starting him is diminished as well because he is capable of running the football and earning points in that way as well. So why is he only being drafted as the 12th quarterback off the board? Dallas does focus on the running game, but not much in their offensive makeup has changed so there is no real reason to believe Prescott will not be productive again, especially with a healthy Dez Bryant on the field.

2. Andy Dalton.

Two years ago, Dalton provided great value to fantasy owners willing to wait on a quarterback. He passed for 25 touchdowns and was one of the sneakier starters in the league. Last year, Dalton wasn't great, but he wasn't awful. A lot of that had to do with the fact that Dalton had to deal with a ton of turnover within his team and the Tyler Eifert injury.

Eifert was a huge part of his success last season, and without him, Dalton is just an average quarterback. But Eifert will be back and healthy this year, making Dalton a relevant and underrated fantasy football quarterback again.

3. Blake Bortles.

Way, way too many people bought into the Blake Bortles hype last season. I was not one of those people.

This time, I do want to buy low on a quarterback that is barely even getting drafted on in most fantasy leagues right now. As bad as Bortles was last season, he finished in the Top 10 among all fantasy quarterbacks last year. He throws the ball so much that it's worth waiting to draft Blake in the very late rounds as a decent starter.

If he improves even a little bit from last year, he will become a solid fantasy starter at a low price. Bortles is currently being drafted as QB22 and should be going much higher than that.

4. Carson Wentz.

This is a very high risk pick, and definitely not my favorite quarterback on this list, but Wentz now has enough weapons surrounding him to make a big second year leap. He was decent in 2016, but scored more than 20 fantasy points in standard scoring just once. That's not enough to warrant spending a pick on a player like Wentz. The addition of Alshon Jeffery to an offense that had the highest number of drops last season is a good reason to spend a late round pick on Carson Wentz, though.