The Buffalo Bills haven't had success in recent years, but that doesn't mean their past hasn't been littered with successes. That means there are plenty of Bills players worthy of recognition in the game's lore, especially when you consider that Buffalo remains the only team ever to make it to four straight Super Bowls. ESPN recently ranked the best 5 Bills quarterbacks of all time, but they did a terrible job and included Ryan Fitzpatrick. This article will go over the real 5 best Buffalo Bills quarterbacks of all time.

1. Jim Kelly.

I think all Bills fans know exactly which player belongs at number one on every list.

There is perhaps nobody who has done more for the city of Buffalo than Kelly, who helped lead Buffalo to four straight Super Bowls and made them one of the most competitive teams in the league. He will always be remembered by Bills fans as the best of all time until an elite quarterback brings the Bills a Super Bowl victory, and even then, that quarterback might not surpass him.

2. Jack Kemp.

When the Bills signed Jack Kemp, they received a quarterback who would alleviate many issues at the position. In his career with Buffalo, Kemp led the Bills to several division titles and also helped Buffalo reach the AFL championship game. Kemp was also named to six consecutive all star games when he was playing.

When he was active, Kemp led the AFL in career passes attempted, completions, and yards gained passing. Kemp was one of the best players in Bills history, but he often doesn't get the respect he deserves.

3. Joe Ferguson.

Ferguson played with Buffalo from 1973-1984, a rather long tenure from one of the more consistent starters in Buffalo Bills history.

He started 107 consecutive games and led the Bills to the playoffs four times, although he managed just one win when he got the Bills to the postseason. Still, Ferguson's consistency is hard to find among Bill's quarterbacks, which is why he lands at the 3rd spot on this list.

4. Doug Flutie.

Other than Jim Kelly, there isn't a player that Buffalo fans loved more than Doug Flutie.

He had his own cereal, and was beloved by fans as the below average height quarterback who just made plays. The first time Flutie came into a game, he led a 4th quarter comeback against the Indianapolis Colts. That likely helped win over fans from the start, but his continued solid performance helped him truly win the hearts of fans. In 1999, Flutie was benched a playoff game, much to the dismay of fans, and the Bills lost in the now infamous Music City Miracle game.

5. Frank Reich

There is no way to justify making Ryan Fitzpatrick a top five quarterback on the list, but somebody has to be in the fifth spot. I debated between Bledsoe, Frank Reich, and Lamonica in this spot. Ultimately, I decided to give the nod to the player who led the greatest comeback of all time against the Oilers in the playoffs.

Reich wasn't great with the Bills, posting about a .500 record as a starter, but his ability to reach the Superbowl when Jim Kelly went down is why I place him here.

Who's in your top five? Would you put Frank Reich in the top five or pick someone else?