Case Keenum is starting for the Minnesota Vikings in the absence of Sam Bradford, and that raises a question about what Keenum can do when he is in the game. The Vikings will not say if Bradford is coming back. They will only say that everything should be fine as reported by ESPN. However, we need to talk about what the role Case Keenum plays will become. He is not the starter, because Bradford is supposed to come back at some point, and does he help Sam Bradford in the long run?

The Vikings need a placeholder

The Vikings are not about to go through another quarterback change just because Sam Bradford got hurt.

They will want to keep Keenum in there until Bradford is ready. Bradford will come back, and the Vikings will carry on. Keenum has shown that he can make a big difference for this team as the backup, and they might even keep him if he plays decently. The Vikings did not win on Sunday, and that is because Bradford was not there. He was the most accurate passer in the NFL over the past two seasons, and his value is shooting up every time he does not start.

They see what they have

The Vikings and their fans will see what they have when Keenum plays, but he is not as good as Bradford. Sam will be able to convince the Vikings that he should be paid well, kept on the roster, and made the face of the franchise for the next decade.

He is gaining value as long as the Vikings are wishing for him to start games. The Vikings have been shown time and again that choosing a quarterback is difficult, and they have finally found their guy. They will get very excited knowing that Bradford is coming back, and that will give them hope that they did not have before.

There are a lot of people who are going to be begging to see Bradford in the lineup, and he will waltz to the bank after the Vikings have to pay him for his services.

They have a plan

Bradford's value goes beyond his spot in the lineup. He is giving the team a lot of stability that they can use to make more money. More people will want to come to the games, and they will start to get better ratings.

He impacts the team in ways that a lot of people do not understand because they do not see the gate receipts, the aftermarket ticket sales, and the jersey sales. They do not see the morale change in the locker room, and they do not see the staff of the team get more excited for the games. Sam Bradford will prove while he is out that he is a very valuable asset who has finally found the right place to work in the NFL.