Aj Mccarron could be the solution to what has turned into a big problem in Cincinnati. The Cincinnati Bengals are in shambles as they have started 0-2 without scoring a touchdown. This has caused some divides among the players, and some have even asked for Colin Kaepernick. That topic is covered quite well, but this writer would like to make a case for AJ McCarron. The quarterback from Alabama is one of a very few guys who won back to back national titles in college, and he has been waiting his turn very patiently since he was drafted. Maybe it is time for a change.

He is Saban's best

Nick Saban has had plenty of quarterbacks over the years, but he has not had anyone better than AJ McCarron. McCarron was so good at Alabama that we had legitimate Heisman conversations about him, an dhe looked very solid in his role with the team. If you recall, he has a very attractive wife who was then his girlfriend, and he was so solid that the press has to play off her beauty to make stories about Alabama's games. McCarron would be a great leader for this team because he is so stoic and solid. This writer understands that certain players do not translate into the NFL, but the quiet nature of this guy could help calm the circus around the team.

This is why they drafted him

The Bengals did a good job in drafting McCarron, working Andy Dalton's contract to make sure they could get out of it as easily as possible, and ensuring that their offense would be supported by a fine defense. The defense in Cincinnati is fabulous, and they are simply waiting for someone to come along and play better as the quarterback.

Changing to McCarron would be comfortable for the team because these players already know that this guy can play football well.

Will he succeed?

No one can be sure if McCarron will be any good or not. He clearly has the pedigree that is required to be great, and he could easily make a change in the Cincinnati offense that was needed at the end of last season.

He could start to bond with AJ Green and Joe Miuxon, and the team could easily come back from the depths to be a much better scoring team. This writer would not cut Andy Dalton yet, but he can understand why the Bengals would change the position. Their season is over already, they may not keep Dalton, and they need to see what they will get when they put AJ in the game.

Fix it now

The Bengals need to remember that they cannot fix their season, but they can fix their offense right now by making a change.