The Giants are in a position where they must improve quickly before Eli Manning gets too old. They have trouble at left tackle, and they must cut down to a 53-man roster. It is not the cuts so much as it is what they say about the team as a whole. Let us consider how these cuts will prepare the team for a season where they are expected to make the playoffs. Anything less would be a major disappointment.

Who got cut?

Josh Johnson was cut to make room for Geno Smith and the team has let go of Devin Taylor at defensive end. They are so deep at defensive end that they could make the move easily, and they will start the season with one of the best defenses in football.

They have let go of Will Tye at tight end and they are clearly planning on focusing on Sterling Shepard, Odell Beckham Jr and their passing attack downfield.

The defense will carry them

The defense in New York will carry them and keep the offense on the field. There are a number of teams that will find it hard to score on the giants, and they will come up short enough times to feel disheartened. That will leave more room for the offense to score, and they will find that they have raised their scoring average. However, they will have a problem because there is a name that is not on the cut list that I thought I might have seen.

They still stink at left tackle

Eric Flowers is just not very good, and he is still on the team.

I believe that the team will struggle until Flowers figures out how to play football in the NFL well. He has struggled so badly that I can see him giving up too many sacks, getting Eli Manning hurt, and leaving the Giants with no other options. They will have to play Geno Smith. This is not the kind of guy I would want to have starting on my team.

There are a number of things that could go wrong with a bad offensive tackle in front of the backs, and it is even worse if your hall of fame-bound quarterback is our for a few weeks because someone hit him as hard as they could.

They can tweak the offense

Perhaps they will tweak the offense while they are working on these things, and we will see them start to score touchdowns because they have enough of a passing attack to make it happen.

They could pitch the ball up to Beckham and Shepard every play just to see what happens, and I think that it could work because there are some things that could happen for the positive of the Giants have all this time to manage their offense, make it better, and begin to improve somewhat.