Eric Winston has been released by the Cincinnati Bengals, but this is not much of a surprise. He was hoping to have backup time in Cincinnati after re-signing with them, but they chose to cut him at the end of training camp. His comments about not caring about the slow death of the NFL have rung true only because he does not have to worry about it anymore. His cut is a major casualty for the NFLPA because he is their current president, and it would be nice to have someone on the field serving as their leader.

Cap cuts are difficult

Eric Winston is an instance in which an older player would make more money than a younger player.

I do not think for one second that he was cut because of what he said about the NFL dying out. I think he was just too old and too expensive. It is a young man's game for the most part, and that was proven today when Winston was cut. I think it would do us well to think a bit deeper about how this changes the landscape of labor relations.

He has more time on his hands

Winston can figure out what the best strategy is to help the NFLPA avoid a lockout, and he can work with the NFLPA office to ensure that there are not more barons shot between them and the NFL. He seems like the kind of guy who does not appreciate, or want, drama. If this is the case, then he is going to be in a very good position to stop the drama.

I would prefer to see a clearer head running things, and maybe he can spend more time talking to Demaurice Smith about how he handles Roger Goodell. Going to court all the time and making the commissioner mad does not do anything for anybody because it only makes the NFL that much more erratic.

A cap sport is always like this

All cap sports have players who are cut or bought out to get them off the books, and it is interesting to watch because we will see many more roster moves in the course of the next few hours. You will see a number of names that you know change teams, or they will not have a job when the season starts.

Some of these guys might end up on practice squads, and other might end up working in broadcasting or journalism. You will not notice at first, but you will realize they are no longer playing.

Any surprises?

I think we will see a few surprises only because the NFL is unpredictable and a bunch of guys will lose their jobs. The cut day for the 53-man roster is always a very hard day in the NFL, and I hope that someone who gets cut today can go out and find work somewhere. You never know until the deadline passes.