Maria Sharapova has won again at the US Open, and she is taking shots back at players who think that she is dirty or has somehow tainted the game. She fired back at Caroline Wozniacki, and you have to see the comments to understand why we should not be doing this to each other. Maria has a right to play, and she has a right to defend herself from other players who are all bent out of shape about the integrity of the game.

Again, she can play

The woman has won the career grand slam, and she has been good for a long time. She won Wimbledon in 2004.

Do you even remember that? It has been a long time, and she has been relevant all this time. She has been as good at marketing tennis and herself as the Williams sisters, and I see no reason for other players to bash her after serving a suspension for something that still seems very innocent and benign. Therefore, the complaints from Wozniacki are not only pathetic, but they do not serve anyone well. Maria Sharapova plays tennis, and I highly doubt that she can convince organizers to choose where she plays.

Center Court

Wozniacki was upset that Sharapova was allowed to play a featured match at the US Open, and she thinks that it is a bad example for the sport because of Maria's PED ban. A worse example for the sport is continually kicking people while they are down.

She took a substance that she did not even think would trip a drug test because it was so unbelievably benign that it is not even worth talking about. Also, she is playing well. I would put her in Center Court, too.

The comments

These are golden comments courtesy of ESPN: "with regards to scheduling, as you know, I don't make the schedule.

I'm a pretty big competitor. If you put me out in a parking lot of Queens in New York City, I'm happy to play there." That is all you need to know on the matter. I have no idea why tennis players would complain about these things in the first place considering these tournaments are so hard to organize. Also, Sharapova is a more marketable name than Carolina Wozniacki.

We know this to be the truth. Google both their names and see what you find. There is so much more exposure for Maria Sharapova, and she will bring in casual fans. Also, she is playing extremely well. This is a bit like when Jimmy Connors went on his unreal run at the US Open in the early 90s. She has the tournament around her finger, and I love it.

If you love tennis, get behind this girl. Let her fill the Serena void so we can see a Maria/Venus final.