Vance Joseph was brilliant at the end of the game for the Denver Broncos as he iced the kicker before the Los Angeles Chargers attempted to tie the game. He was very impressive in how he helped the Broncos reach their success, and he managed a game that saw Trevor Siemian play well enough. The Broncos are not a dangerous team, but they appear to be organized. The solidity of this team may make it hard to beat in pressure situations, and we must wonder if they can hold back the Chiefs or the Raiders.

The Broncos are good

However, the Broncos are not great.

They are good enough to win games, but they did not blow the doors off the Chargers. If you are a Denver fan, you have to wonder if they will improve. This performance was enough to win on Monday night, but it was not enough to win going away. This game easily could have gone to overtime if Vance Joseph did not ice the kicker, and we must wonder if the Broncos will be able to pull out games like this later in the season.

The Chargers are alright

The Chargers looked average in their first game, and they have a lot of improving to do if they want to be competitive for the rest of the season. Given this first performance, it looks like the Chargers will be in last place in the AFC West. The Chargers will hand out six wins to this division this year, and the Broncos must begin looking at how they can improve their offensive efficiency because they will not always play bad teams like this in the future.

More Trevor Siemian

Trevor Siemian needs to do more every week this season because he is not good enough to simply sit back and let the league come to him. He is not good enough to solve his own problems by refocusing in practice. He must be coached up by Mike McCoy as much as possible, and he must be given every chance in the world to develop in this offense.

Scoring 24 points against the Chargers is a nice start, but this kind of performance will not be acceptable by the end of the season.

More Denver defense

The Denver defense is going to win a lot of games for this team, and they are going to create issues for other teams that give the Broncos more possessions. Trevor Siemian and the offense need as much time as they can get on the field, and they cannot expect to get on the field quickly unless the defense is performing well.

They cannot ride this defense to a title, but they could ride this defense to a few scary performances against teams like the Raiders and the Chiefs. The Denver defense is fantastic, and they could take this team far.