Sam Bradford looked brilliant in his first game of the season after the Vikings did the smart thing and improved their offensive line. They have built an offense that allows him to be extremely efficient, and they blew out the Saints. The final score of the game does not reflect how dominant the Vikings were, but you can rest assured that Sam Bradford was brilliant. He looks like he can come close to the amazing completion percentage he had a year ago, and he could set the league on fire if he does that. Sam is certainly a very good fantasy pick, and we should check his completion percentages to see how close he gets to breaking 70%.

Sam Bradford is the future

Sam Bradford was drafted in 2010, and that puts him just under 30 years old. If quarterbacks are playing until they are 40, that means that the Vikings could have this guy for another 10-12 years. This could become a juggernaut offense that would still be great when Tom Brady finally retires because we all know that Brady is not playing until he is 50. Bradford has already been through the bad injuries, and he has landed in a place that appears to be perfect for him. You should consider drafting Bradford every week for the next few years because he certainly has the potential to set more records.

The Vikings can compete

The original prediction must be updated because the Vikings looked so good that they can definitely compete with the Packers for the NFC North title.

The Packers may be a better-looking team overall, but this Minnesota team is very good. They could give the Packers trouble, and the Vikings could make this division very interesting if they split their season series with the Packers. The Vikings could hold a tiebreaker over the Packers if they end up tied at the end of the season, and it will be interesting to see if they can sneak into the wild card.

How did this happen?

The Vikings hired Mike Zimmer and chose not to fire him. They were willing to be consistent, and they allowed their personnel department to sign someone who was the right fit for this team. It is clear that Mike Zimmer is the right coach for this team, and he should be allowed to work with Bradford so long as they are playing well.

Bradford has shown that he flourishes in this offense, and Zimmer has shown that he knows how to manage a franchise. The Vikings have added all the right pieces to their team, and it is interesting to think about what will happen if they start to rise when the Packers start to fall.