Tony Romo could be headed to Denver sooner than fans think. After a whirlwind of talks about the quarterback’s fate, it seems his future is now clearer; and it’s with the Broncos. Sources recently revealed that the 36-year-old flew out to Denver this week to meet with GM John Elway.

CBS Sports’ Jonah Keri reported on Tuesday night that Romo had landed in the Western state to meet the Denver Broncos management. The report further cements talks that the team is “ready to pursue” the QB once the Dallas Cowboys release him. The Colorado-based team is believed to be among the frontliners in the pursuit for Romo which also include the Houston Texans, the New York Jets and the Cleveland Browns.

No other details about the reported meetup has made its way to the media. No word on what exactly transpired during the visit or if contract talks were part of the conversation. However, this further fuels the NFL trade rumors that the quarterback is leaving Dallas -- his home for close to 15 years.

Why is the Tony Romo trade with Broncos a good idea?

It’s not a secret that the four-time NFL Pro Bowl champion is nearing his 40s already and is probably not in his tip-top condition. Safe to say he’s not the Romo of old. However, that is not to say he can’t play ball anymore.

Still one of the best QBs to play the sport, ESPN notes that he has been working out the past season and is in “fabulous shape.”

Notably, the Broncos are capable of another big dance appearance if they find a quarterback to lead them. As for Romo, he isn’t looking for another playoff appearance, but a championship, which makes an NFL Broncos trade sensible.

The team has just enough firepower to surge for a Super Bowl appearance and bring the Vince Lombardi home with its premier defense and effective offense.

The 15-time Division champions have also been on the same path before with Peyton Manning. At 35 years old then, the five-time MVP signed with the Broncos in 2012. And while many questioned his age and health, the team up later proved to be a hit.

Not only did they dominate their division, the Peyton Manning Denver Broncos team up led to two Super Bowl appearances and a championship win.

Denver Broncos discuss Tony Romo option

Broncos GM John Elway has not confirmed the reports yet, but he has revealed that decisions will be made for the benefit of the team.

“We're going to look at all the options, and if it's best for the Denver Broncos, if it's best for this team...we'll kick the tires on everything and do our homework on everything and then make the best decision on what we think is right for the Broncos," Elway told ESPN.

Withe the NFL trade period starting on Thursday, March 9, fan should be hearing more updates about the Tony Romo trade and whether he will be signing with the Broncos or staying home with the Cowboys. Stick around for more updates!