Urban Meyer has shown his true colors finally by giving us some actual sound bites on how he feels about the rest of college football. Please remember that this is a man who claimed he had health problems so that he could leave Florida, but he turned right around and took the head coaching job at Ohio State. Everyone was surprised. So, it should not be surprising that he is crushing his former assistant in the media. Tom Herman gave Urban Meyer a national title by running the offense that ran to a championship, and he created something special at Houston.

Now, Meyer is willing to throw his disciple under the bus after one loss.

Texas looked bad

We all know that Texas did not look good in its opening loss, and Tom Herman admitted as much by telling the media that you do not throw pixie dust on the team and make it great. He is right, but that is just what you say when you know that your team underperformed. It makes sense that Herman would be upset considering he is so used to winning. However, he is still right. Sometimes, it takes time to turn a team around. He is not giving excuses so much as he is telling the truth. If the team was not recruited properly, he could not fix that in one year. We already see that recruiting is suffering in Texas, and it is no surprise that he may need another year to find his own players.

Meyer could have said this privately

The comments that will be quoted courtesy of ESPN in just a moment could have been said privately. If Meyer was truly this upset by this, he should have called his friend and said, "listen, buddy, I like you, but you cannot say that in public. It sounds like you are just making excuses." And you know what?

I bet that Tom Herman would have taken that to heart and perhaps done something about it. Now, he must be looking at Urban Meyer and wondering why he is blasting him in the media with literally no provocation at all. If anything, Urban Meyer should be thanking Tom Herman at every press conference. "Good morning, folks. Remember, Tom Herman?

Thank him for that championship we won. Any questions?"

You sound like an angry old man

"It's like a new generation of excuse," Meyer was relaying to CBSsports.com. "[Texas coach Tom Herman] said, 'I can't rub pixie dust on this thing.' He got a dose of reality. Maryland just scored 51 points on you." That is what Urban Meyer had to say about someone whom he worked with closely. You sound like an angry old man when you feel the need to say that publicly. Perhaps Urban needs to stop talking and let Tom coach, or is he still mad that Herman left?